Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Had Me At Wine

Holy Crap, I think I've found a guy I actually want to date and hang out with...how did this happen? And why oh why must he live ACROSS the island?? I went to the Hungarian's house last night. We were going to do a drive up Tantalus and look out over the city at night, but I didn't get there until 9:45pm and we were both too tired after working all day. When I arrived, I came into the kitchen to wine, cheese (brie at that), crackers, and chocolate. Dude, I'm in love - OK SO JUST KIDDING...but seriously, it was all of my favorite things in life right there in one spot and I didn't have to procure any of it.
We ended up hanging out at his house all night, getting high (everyone on this island smokes...I mean everyone...I'm pretty sure even the Republican Governor), drinking wine, and playing around until 3am when he passed out and I realized I was going to as well if I didn't get up to drive home. (I'd only had half a bottle of wine and I'd quit drinking about 3 hours before....really, I promise.) The sex was much better this time because we didn't pass out mid way (LOL), but damn if I didn't have to force him to wear a condom. When did condoms become passe?? I'm still all about some safe sex, especially since no one here seems all that into this concept...wtf?
He invited me to come hang out with him from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning this weekend. Chloe is camping all weekend. We're going to go up Tantalus this weekend and he asked me if I wanted to go see a movie...the last movie I saw was in Feb. when I went home to NC. I'm super excited...like girly squeal excited.
And then, Monday night I have another tentative date with a guy from PoF...I say tentative because I'm thinking if this weekend goes well, I might cancel it. Gasp...did I just type/say that?? We shall see.
Owen gets back tomorrow from his vacation. I was contemplating my boy lineup the other day and I think that it's going to be as follows depending on the outcome of this weekend. I want to date the Hungarian...like date-date him. I want to continue having crazy, hot, dirty sex with Owen once a week (which may not actually fully resume until August with our crazy schedules and kids but as often as humanly possible in the interim), and then when my Texas gets here in July he can also have a spot for just hot sex...we're not dating. That would be a super fun lineup of some hot men! Happy Summer to me!


  1. I like the Hungarian already! Wine, cheese, and chocolate??? How perfect is that. You're totally going to have a 48-hour date. Get ready - they are exhausting! I can't wait to hear about it!

    I hope I get to meet some of these boys in person when I come at the end of June! You know I'd totally take Chole off so you and Owen can have some alone time. Anything to help a sister out LMFAO!


  2. Happy summer indeed :-)

    BTW, protected sex is NOT passe. Granted we might have some regional differences (California being up there with NYC as the center of like every disease ever), but no matter how awesome a person is, wanting to bareback without some kind of history together always sends up a big damn red flag to me. The Hungarian sounds awesome otherwise though, don't get me wrong. Just saying.