Monday, May 24, 2010

Ass-tastic! - SERIOUSLY TMI - Don't Say I Didn't Warn You...

What’s with all the ass play these days?  Just something I’ve been ruminating on while I should be working. 

Back in my hey-day of slutting around (though I’m fast making up ground now) the ass was never on the menu.  In fact, I can’t remember even one guy making a play for the ass until one freaky night with Duckie very early on in our relationship (his one and only chance he ever got BTW).

So far, every guy I’ve slept with during my rebirth into singlehood has made an ass request or just slipped in a little ass play (ew- gross unintended pun). 

Sawyer has always asked about it though I’ve never let him go there.  The crazy night where he fucked with me emotionally I almost did though I recanted at the last moment.  Motorcycle Man asked about it but frankly, I was scared to let his big old snake in my mouth much less my ass.  Lawyer Boy has been a little all over the place ass wise (ha – the puns in this post are killing me).  Our first crazy out of control night he was everywhere and I didn’t mind a single bit.  The second time was too sweet and (excuse me as I throw up a little in my mouth) if I used the phrase “making love” that’s just what it was.  This weekend, the ass got a little attention but not the whole enchilada (omg seriously I need to stop with the puns – remember we ate Mexican food together).  Actually now that I think about it, the Giant didn’t make any back door moves but I bet if he got the shot he would.

So what’s up with that?  I know I was out of commission for a lot of years but is this a new phenomena or has the ass been the way to go for a while?  Is it because all these guys are grown men and back in the day college boys were afraid to ask for it? 

I remember an episode of Sex and the City where weirdly enough, Miranda asked the same question.  So tell me, what’s up with all the assing around?


PS – For the record, I haven’t reciprocated any of these ass-tactics.  I’m clearly a receiver; not a giver. 


  1. All of the men I have been with (All 3- LOL) have steered well clear of that, and I have to say I am definitely okay with that! Maybe it is the way I associate being touched there with doctors, or that I am a total germaphobe, but I prefer men to use the hole nature intended. If you like it, I say go for it, but if not I think most guys are just pretty happy with you letting them in the front door! LOL

  2. I won't say I'm a huge fan though in the right context I don't mind. I guess I'm still on the fence about this! HA!


  3. Guys like it because it is taboo. You always want something you can't have. The wife would not let me touch it with a 10 foot pole much less an 8".... oh TMI!!! LOL!! The soulmate and I have. A little appropriate ass play can be great -- for both. And the view from doggy style is amazing!!!


  4. Truck Driver has been asking me to do it for awhile now. I told him there is no way because he is too big. I've only done it with one person (my ex of 6 years) and I was incredibly drunk so I can't even say I really remember much about it. The Barber has never ventured there.....yet.

    My favorite saying as it relates to this topic is "It's an exit only".


  5. I think it's big right now b/c the porn industry has made it that way...which is also way more accessible via the Internet than when we were in college.
    Now that being said...here's some TMI...stop reading if you don't want to know it. I LOVE ANAL...I mean LOVE it. I even like it with Owen and he's freaking HUGE. It took me a while to "work" up to that though...I started with Adam and he was very patient...anal lube is the KEY as it numbs you some...but seriously if you relax and go with it, it's fucking amazing!! Ok, that's my 2 cents...or 12. ;)

  6. I think the evolution of the porn industry does play a big part in it - look at oral sex; it used to be much more taboo, and it's pretty much mandatory these days (I'm not complaining, mind you). I don't see it becoming as widespread a phenomenon (for every open minded receiver out there, apparently there's ten guys who honestly believe the secret is to just put it in hard, move fast, and hope for the best), but yeah it's a lot more in the cultural consciousness these days.

    I do feel obligated to ask, however: why did Duckie get one and only one chance? I've just seen a pattern of women who weren't into it in their serious relationships, but were totally down for it in an illicit encounter or fling type situation. I've always wondered why that is.

  7. I probably would have let Duckie have another try at some point but he never even tried again. He wasn't the most adventerous lover lol.