Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

So my upcoming date with College Crush is this Saturday and despite my best efforts in the past, I could never get him to send me a picture. There were some on Facebook but they were all relatively old. I mean I’ve been literally nagging him for months to put a profile picture up or at least text me a picture and he’s gone through every excuse in the book.

Well with the impending date, I suppose I finally broke him and I got a picture of CC last night. I started texting him about 4:00 and harassing him about sending a picture and after various excuses and delays he did finally send one, albeit a slightly blurry crappy one about 10:15 or so last night.

Gwyn and I had worked ourselves into a near Lifetime Movie hysteria over waiting for the picture and I admit I was totally preparing myself for the worst. I was imagining CC as fat, bald, zitty, and old. I was pleasantly surprised though. From what I can tell in the picture, he does seem to have some of that middle-age spread going on but he’s not nearly as big as I was forcing myself to imagine. Other than that, he looks pretty much just like I remember, maybe even a little better - the whole facial maturity thing I suppose.

But it is hard to tell exactly how much he’s packing so I’m still preparing myself to show up on his doorstep on Saturday and find Grimace waiting for me. I feel bad for joking about his weight because he is a really nice guy and even back in the day, his personality won me over more than anything else did. Plus I could tell from his text after he sent the picture that he was feeling a little nervous/vulnerable.

I told Gwyn fat girls could learn so much from the way he’s played this game with making me wait for the picture. I mean he’s pretty much had me lathered up from all the flirting and joking for months (we started friendly talking back before I had even told Duckie I was leaving and then the flirting really ramped up about in March) and then really put the pressure on the last few weeks so even if he was Grimace in real life he had me hooked personality wise for sure.

And though physically he may not be all that, he’s a genuine good guy – funny, sweet, kind, considerate, remembers all kinds of crazy shit I tell him. On top of that, my brother was a big guy growing up (he’s lost all that now) and I always hoped that girls saw him for who he really was and still flirted and went out with him and stuff. So no way am I planning to change how I act towards him via text or even when I get down there. Now that’s not to say that if I get down to his place and the chemistry is just not there except as friends that I’m not going to do the old switcheroo and take us from this flirty place to a friendly place. I do definitely feel like I have the upperhand in the relationship now LOL.

So now we just have to wait until Saturday to see how things go. In other boy news, Lawyer Boy and I have been talking/texting all this week, the Giant told me he really likes me and wants to see me again even though he’s leaving in a month and he’s afraid of having “feelings” for me while he’s gone, Texas and I keep missing each other and that’s frustrating!, and FJB is still being weird. After my self-imposed week of silence I sent him a friendly email stating that I hadn’t heard from him in a while to which he replied, “Yes, I’ve been a little preoccupied.” WTF?? Ok, whatever! I replied that I would like to know where things stand with us; I’m kind of a direct girl and didn’t want to keep beating a dead horse. Haven’t’ heard back from him yet.

Also Sawyer is doing his best to cast his spell back over me but I’m holding out. He says he didn’t see Lawyer Boy and me on Saturday but I don’t really believe him. He’s asked about a million questions about Lawyer Boy this week and even wanted to know if we’d slept together. (I totally lied – I learn quickly!) Sawyer’s getting ready to go on a cruise with the wife next week and he wanted to see me today for a little bon voyage thing but it’s looking like it’s not going to happen now. I shouldn’t be playing with him! I can tell he’s already starting to break down my defenses though I’m being smart so far. After he emailed me today saying it looked like we wouldn’t be able to see each other today I of course had to tease him some and said “Darn, I had such plans” to which he wanted to know what plans and said if I told him maybe he could make them happen. I said, “Doesn’t matter what I had planned. If you really wanted to see me, you’d make it happen regardless.” See! Told ya I’m learning! Incidentally, he hasn’t replied to that email yet.

Also, in exciting news by nefarious means I discovered that Duckie has signed up for e-harmony! Praise the Lord! Even if he’s not ready to go out on a date maybe this is a tiny step forward for him thinking about being with someone else and maybe not hating me so much? Keep your fingers crossed!


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  1. When I saw that picture I literally shot water through my nose!