Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He's Baaaackkkkk

OMG Lawyer Boy is back!  Gwyn and I were having a conversation about how all guys have a purpose and the subject of Lawyer Boy came up and I declared I’d call him at lunch today.  After almost chickening out, I HATE to call a guy first, I did.  And we had an awesome 45-minute conversation. 

We talked about all sorts of stuff and the best part of talking to him has always been that he really listens and asks questions.  He also really talks about stuff, not just chitchat.  He is definitely a good conversationalist.  Maybe the best I’ve been out with thus far.

Lawyer Boy did apologize for it being so long between the last time we saw each other and said he’d just been overwhelmed with studying for the bar and ex drama and taking care of his little girl.  Plus he’d lost his phone so he didn’t have my contact info.  Whatever, I really don’t care about the excuses.  I wasn’t ever pissed, just disappointed.  On the new phone note, he does have a phone he can text on now.  Thank heavens!  Boys that don’t text are so much less fun.

He was super cute though on the phone saying how much he missed me and had enjoyed hanging out with me.  He asked me to go out this Friday and maybe hang out through the weekend LOL.  I asked what he wanted to do and he suggested going to the city where I work and I said I’d check with Gwyn maybe we could do a group outing thing.  He said, “Actually now that I think about it, I’d really just like to hang out with you.  Maybe we can stay around your place, grab some dinner, and then watch a movie and spend some time together.”  WTF – a real date?  LOL! 

Lawyer Boy also reiterated that he was sorry his availability was all screwed up due to studying for the bar and that he really wanted to “give me the attention” I deserve but his time is so slammed between studying and his daughter.  I reminded him that I knew that and was totally ok with it from the get go and pointed out that it’s mighty convenient our kids are on the same visitation schedule so we pretty much have the same weekends free.  He hadn’t thought about that and said that was perfect for us to have time together and that he thought we could “really have something serious.”  That he knew we’d kind of jumped straight into the frying pan but that he really did like me.  OMG I know right.  Whatever.  I said let’s just get you through the bar and then we can worry about that down the road.  LOL - Boys are so funny!

I’m excited!  I admit I did a silent girly squeal and had to stalk Gwyn down in the bathroom to share my excitement.  Despite work kicking my ass the last few weeks this week is turning out to be most entertaining!


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