Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrill of The Chase

I think this is one of my biggest attractions...I like the hunt. The problem with it is this when I find a guy that likes me and is truly available, I'm out. I'm sure this speaks volumes about me on a deep psychological level. Mr. NY has been blowing my phone up this week with texts. I find this overly weird b/c we've seen each other twice...yep, I said twice. How can you be that into someone after 2 "dates" and if he was so into me in the 1st place, then why did he post another ad? He claims it's because I was being lukewarm (true) and he didn't see this going anywhere based on my lack of availability. Apparently, he didn't correlate my last of availability with my lack of interest.
I did have Sunday night's date over Tuesday night for wine and sex. It was fun, but he is a little chubby. Well, not chubby so much as just not fit. He's going to the Big Island tomorrow for 4 days and then I think he leaves for Guam soon after that. I'm not sure if I'll see him again.
So, I'm going on a date Friday with a new guy. I was supposed to go out with the Hungarian guy last night, but he mentioned in convo that he gets to work at 4am and I felt really bad about having him come up to go out on a work night, so I offered to reschedule and he was thrilled. He said he didn't want to ask for another day for fear he'd appear flaky or not interested, bless his heart. Isn't that sweet? Hope he's not too sweet or I'll lose interest in him too.
I ran into Gavin in the supermarket yesterday. We were standing in THE aisle where he met Russell and he recanted the tale again. I think he kind of liked it...weirdo. Last night after this run in, the family and I were sitting on the porch eating dinner and we heard him and his gf having a HUGE screaming fight...slightly awkward, but entertaining all the same...like watching TV only live. Russell was so judging them (and me for having anything to do with him), but I found out via FB stalking that his bf just got convicted of a DUI and had to pay a fine and lost his license for 6 months. I'm thinking those of us living in glass trailers shouldn't throw stones, now should we?
Russell actually told me something sweet last night. He asked if I was going out or not so he could know whether to turn his phone off or not. He said on nights I go out, he leaves his phone on in case I need something. It warmed my cold heart...we had sort of stopped doing nice things for each other.

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