Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Survived the 48 Hour Date!

My 48 hour date with Lawyer Boy has left me exhausted, worn out, and with a ridiculous smile on my face which can only be attributed to a hilariously fun filled weekend!

One thing I forgot to mention on the mid-date update was that Friday night I still hadn’t heard from Motorcycle Man so I sent him a text telling him to have a good weekend and got back a pseudo-pissy one saying he “wasn’t going to bid for my time and now he remembered why he quit calling me last time.” LOL! I guess he’s finally done and over with. I did send him back a nice text saying sorry we were just at different points and that I did think he was a great guy.   Back to LB…

So LB came back after his study break and we hung out for just a bit.  I’ve mentioned it before but he’s got a hot body.  He’s a long time surfer so he’s got that swimmer’s build with big broad shoulders, cut arms, and a narrow little waist with a six pack.  He looked so freaking good! He had on these tan pants and a light blue polo shirt that clung to his smoking upper body.  Hot!  I had opted for the classic little black dress and was feeling like I looked pretty good too. So we hung out for just a while and then headed out to a local Mexican restaurant.  We sat down and ordered and were chatting when what to my wondering eyes did appear…. none other than Sawyer and his family!

They were headed out the door when I saw them and from where we were sitting Sawyer had to have seen me and LB!  It was perfect!  Especially when I had just seen Sawyer Friday morning and he’d tried to lay the “I’m leaving her” bomb on me.  I mean really, the thought of getting “busted” by one of my boys while I’m with another has no appeal but this was the right time to be seen with the right boy!  It was awesome!

Anyways, after that little escapade we had a great dinner.  We ended up sitting there talking for like three hours before we headed out and went back to that little dive bar from the night before.  It was funny to walk in there and 5-6 of the good old boys came up and said hey and they were happy to see us back there.  We chilled out at the bar for a while and had some drinks.

Two really funny things about last night.  The DJ there actually is one of the guys who messaged me on Plenty of Fish. That’s actually how I knew about this bar in the first place.  I went up to talk to him a few times when I was requesting different songs and he was all asking me if LB was my boyfriend and stuff. He even was ballsy enough to slip me his number and email address not that I plan to use it.  He’s way too old looking for me and so not my type.  The other thing that was funny is that I’d been teasing LB about being the hottest guy by far in the bar and that if I even left him alone for 1 minute; some girl would be hitting on him.  Well the first time I walked off to talk to the DJ, some totally old woman plopped herself right down next to LB and hit on him so hard he was obviously uncomfortable.  He said the first words out of her mouth were, “I’m a grandma. Did you know that?”  and, “You’re the same age as my son.”  LMFAO!  When I came back and sat next to him she was rubbing his arm and practically licking her lips.  I was dying laughing. He put his arm around me and told her I was his date and she acted all surprised and got up and left.  It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long freaking time.  Later that night when she left she gave me this evil look that just set me off laughing again for the longest time.  Not that Duckie is a dog by any means but I can’t say I ever saw him get hit on and almost every time LB and I have been out I’ve seen girls flirt with him.  Funnily enough, he’s almost oblivious to it until I point it out.  He cracks me up!

After the bar we grabbed some late night snacks and headed back to my place. We ended up sitting in his car for like an hour while it poured down rain laughing and talking about all the crazy stuff that happened at the bar.  We finally just dashed through the rain and ended up standing in my kitchen dripping wet eating cheesecake and listening to Lady Gaga.  WTF??? But it was fun.  We did wind up in bed about 4:30 and it was much hotter than the night before.  Much hotter!  LB is really good, well worth that sweat I broke out in on Friday thinking about him.

He does seem to be struggling with the idea that we like each other but he doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to a relationship right now.  I’ve repeatedly told him I was ok with the way things are for now.  I know he’s studying for the bar and that takes an enormous commitment of time and energy. Combine that with him being a full time parent and me having the kids and there’s just not a lot of time for us to hang out.  But I get it and frankly I’m ok with it for now.  Down the road, we can see if things change but I really am ok with just talking on the phone and seeing each other when we can.  I’ve told him that on multiple occasions and actually told him Friday night he can’t talk about it anymore LOL. 

I think his divorce and the challenges of raising a kid by himself while trying to pass the bar have put an awful lot of pressure and stress on him the last nine months or so.  Maybe I’m just what he needs to chill out and have some fun.  We shall see…



  1. The whole soaked through with rain eating cheesecake listening to Gaga has got to be the best date you've described- strange but a great memory you probably won't forget anytime soon! I love moments like that- kinda goofy but you know you were both just being yourselves and totally happy.
    One of my favourite memories with my man was when we were on the second night of our honeymoon we went to the cinema, but we were in the english countryside and when it let out there were NO restaurants open, so no dinner to be had! We were so hungry but all we had were some altoids sours, so we sat on the bed in our B&B, eating those and playing a children's card game (Top Trumps) until we fell asleep. I always smile whenever I see Altoids or Top Trumps because it reminds me of that night :)

  2. You're right short girl! This weekend with LB was full of funny moments but the rain soaked/cheesecake one was something special. Just an odd, weird moment where all the guards were down and we were just totally in the moment so to speak. We were also hysterically laughing because we got the cheesecake from Cook Out and when we opened the bag it the cheesecake was just dumped into hot dog containers. Quite hilarious! I mean I know it's cookout but couldn't they have used something else? I suppose it was 3 am so....