Monday, April 12, 2010

Uh oh, I'm Smitten...

I’m smitten. And that’s an issue. Lawyer Boy and I had plans to meet up after a concert on Saturday night but early in the afternoon, he called to see if we could also hang out for a few hours before the show. I had just rolled out of the house all greasy and slobby to run some errands so I had to make a beeline to the nearest Target to freshen myself up. LOL. Plus I forgot about the hickey situation so I grabbed the first cute collared shirt I could find and plunked some makeup down at the register and did a mini-makeover right in the Target bathroom. Nothing but class I know! LOL

So we met for a very “married” date of hanging out at the Barnes and Nobles. We were actually going to run a few errands but we ended up chatting the whole two hours so we never made it out of the bookstore. We talked about everything from work to politics to porn. HA! It was quite the cerebral little meet up. I can’t even tell you the last time Duckie and I had a two-hour conversation, even before the whole disintegrating of our marriage issue. I mean we’d go to dinner and just sit and stare. Yeah, we were that pathetic couple. And he was fine with us being that way! Whatever!

So then, I had to jet to make it home and get ready for the concert. We were going to reconvene our little “date” after the show late night. After the concert, College Crush started blowing up my phone texting me. He’s danced around asking me out so many times I wish he’d just go ahead and do it. It’s starting to get a little old. Though he knows I’m dating so maybe he’s just biding him time until it seems I’m in a lull.

Lawyer Boy and I met up at a local bar about 1:15ish and had a couple drinks. I even bought him a drink and had it ready and waiting for him when he got there. I figure as much as he’s already spent on me the least I could do is buy him a drink! HA! We chatted and hung out. The bartenders remembered us from our last date and chatted us up to. Felt sort like we were the VIPs there with all the attention and I think it was pissing off some of the other clientele. Oh well! Afterwards it was late so we just headed back to his place to hang out some more.

We listened to music, played on Facebook together, and just had a chill, relaxed time. He talked about having me come meet some of his friends next time and that we should throw a party at his house (awesome party for houses) and have all of our friends mix an mingle. Interesting! We finally made it to bed about 7 am! Yes, 7am! Well and that was just when we finally climbed into bed, not went to sleep LOL. I’ve got to say it; he has the most beautiful, perfectly formed penis I’ve ever seen. I thought he did from last time but I didn’t really get a good look, so I made sure to this time. It’s just the right size, pink, and honestly perfect. Looks like he could be a model for vibrators or something LOL! I mean, and you ladies will understand this unless you're just a BJ freak, it's so pretty it makes you want to have oral sex. I mean seriously....that good.

So anyways, we had an amazing hour-long sex marathon. He so knows what he’s doing. It was intense, passionate, and hoooooootttttt! Finally, we wrapped things up and just crashed. We slept for a couple hours and then spent several more hours just lounging in the bed drifting in and out of sleep all snuggled up. It was sweet and I don’t even really like that kind of stuff!

Finally, about 1pm we dragged ourselves out of bed and went and grabbed some breakfast (aka lunch) and then I had to head home for softball practice. Before I left he said he wanted us to do something again soon and that we needed to plan a date that started earlier so we could actually go out and do something LOL.

So now I’m totally smitten, and that’s dangerous. It makes me feel insecure and like I’m not the one in control. Plus it makes me nervous that I may be having feelings and he won’t, that it’s just a hook up for him. Though he’s certainly said enough things and given enough signs that it’s more than that, it still makes me nervous. Gotta keep this in check. Of all the boys on my team, he’s definitely a first round draft pick.

In other boy news, while I was at Lawyer Boy’s house, Motorcycle Man was blowing up my phone. I finally called him late last night and he wants to see me again this Friday. I told him maybe, because I kind of want to keep that night open in case Lawyer and I can see each other though it’s not as easy because we both have our kids this weekend. I need to figure out what to do about Motorcycle Man. I do like him but I’m not head over heels for him. And he’s a nice guy so I don’t want to lead him on. Guess I need to make my intentions clear with him LOL. Sawyer apparently stopped by my place while I was at softball practice on Sunday hoping we could have our little "chat" but alas I wasn't there. He's trying to set up our next "meeting" time via email this morning. Also, this morning, High School Crush has been blowing up my phone texting me. I swear all these boys!



  1. Hmmmm... I'm secretly cheering for Lawyer Boy myself. But then, you'd hate to end up in an LTR with Lawyer Boy and spend the rest of your life wondering "What If" with MM....

    it's so pretty it makes you want to have oral sex.

    This made water come out of my nose.

  2. I keep meaning to ask... what is it about the Lawyer that makes him a "boy" but about the Motorcyclist that makes him a "man?"

  3. Glad to amuse you Diner Nighthawk. And it is that pretty LOL. I mean seriously pretty. I keep wanting to tell him how beautiful it is but I'm afraid that will sound weird. LOL

    What makes him a boy is that he's the same age as me 33, Motorcycle Man is 45.

  4. The most flattering compliment you can ever give a man is to tell him he has a beautiful penis. I promise, he'll never forget you if you do :)

  5. Agreed - men eat that shit up. Tell him, honey!

  6. Oh see, now I'm really cheering for Lawyer boy-hot sex AND a brain? Just what us Geminis are looking for. Honey I know you like a manly man, but don't EVER get yoked with a guy who is not as smart as you- trust me you won't like it.