Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whoring It Up or Kitty Unleashed!

Yesterday was a busy day! Owen came over in the morning (finally). About 10 minutes before he was to arrive though, Gavin calls. He leaves a message (because I didn’t answer) inviting me over for coffee…which means he was sitting on his back porch looking at my house having coffee…uh-oh. I quick texted Miranda with a WTF?!. Then, he calls again as Owen is pulling into my driveway. He left another message about wanting to hang out before he had to go to work. Owen comes in and we have some smoking hot sex, as always. OMG I’ve never, ever met a man that enjoys pleasuring me the way this one does…I mean most men like it when a girl cums a lot but Owen freaking gets off on doing it to me over and over and over again. It’s still the BEST sex ever…hands down. He will literally do anything I tell him to do and he does it so well! Afterwards in the shower (because it ALWAYS requires a shower), he starts asking me questions about my divorce. This is weird because remember when he started oversharing about his wife and how unhappy he is in his marriage? I put a ban on chit chat of this nature. I told him I wanted to fuck more and talk less. We’d been true to this until today…he came over super chatty. Anyway, I answered that I was legally going to be married until I finish school for financial reasons…etc. I will note because Miranda and I were discussing this today in relation to Sawyer, he never asks me if I’m seeing anyone (thankfully!). Then, he moved his conversation onto his upcoming family vacation. Apparently he’s going to be gone 3-4 weeks starting next week…ugg…I’m hating that. He was all cute about it though telling me not to freak if he goes MIA for a while because he’s going to be off island. He continued chatting about some other things until he finally decided that he really had to leave as his family is in town again.
No sooner had the man pulled his van out of the driveway than Gavin calls again. I mean seriously…I don’t think Owen was even at the road yet. He asked what I was up to and if he could come over for a few minutes before work to check something on my computer. I said ok and he raced over. I didn’t even have time to get dressed as I was still in my towel. He came in and told me he’d been calling…Um, yeah I know…I can see my missed calls. I said something to that effect and he was all like what’ve you been up to this morning? I lied and said not much and he kept pressing asking was I busy this morning and stuff…hilarious. Now the good part of this is that he doesn’t seem to know Owen because he did not ask why Owen specially by name was at my house. He just kept asking what I’d been doing. What does he think I was doing?? I answered the door in my towel after a man just left my house that he was obviously staking out. Anyway despite this, he asked for sex but then had to go when he got a call from a guy he was supposed to be working with chewing him out for not being there yet…thankfully because even though I’m a big fan of threesomes…two different guys in a span of 15 minutes is really whoring it up even for me.
Flash forward to last night, Russell told me that he didn’t have plans tonight and if I wanted to reschedule my date from last night I could. Russell and I sort of have our own date nights…mine are Mon, Wed, Fri and his are Tues, Thurs…weekends we play by ear. I found this fairly nice of him, but I didn’t really want to be the first to contact Mr. Diver to reschedule right then. So, I was checking my email and Mr. South America had sent me a message about getting together. Mr. South America (we shall henceforth call Mr. Chile b/c it’s shorter and that’s his country of origin) replied to a CL ad of mine last week. He’s older than what I normally go for….45, but I seem to be digging men in their 40s right now (Owen turns 40 today, Gavin is 43…see a pattern?). Anyway, he asked me out for drinks and came over to pick me up. He lives up here, which is nice too because most of the men I talk to live in town or some other part of the island. He took me to a local bar for wine and cocktails where we talked a lot. I’d already had a bottle of wine at this point before I even left home and a couple hits, so I was feeling no pain and pretty chatty. He suggested we leave, get more wine, and go back to his apartment. I agreed and we headed that way. His English isn’t great, but he’s got a delightful accent. I must say that he’s quite the gentleman. He insisted on paying for everything, opened doors (car and otherwise) for me, and was just very sweet and respectful. At his house, we opened the wine and next thing I knew I was having some more freaking sex. It was drunken, hot sex and I must admit I don’t remember a lot of it, but what I do remember was pretty awesome. He lasted for a long time too – I love that in a man. (That is one of Gavin’s shortcomings…he’s got a huge cock, but he cums pretty fast, but can go again quickly.) Anyway, sex was great and we finished things off for the evening by eating a sandwich to “sober up” some before he took me home. I’m exhausted today…totally was late for work because I slept in some…meaning I got all of about 4 hours of sleep. When I woke up this morning though and checked my email, Mr. Chile had left a very sweet message about last night. He’s not all over the top smoking hot like Owen and Gavin are, but he’s definitely a strong contender right now.
Today I did break down and text Mr. Diver otw to work to say “Hi”. We tentatively have a date set up for Friday night. Mr. Chile asked me last night if I was seeing anyone else that had replied. I told him not yet, but probably. He actually told me that this was his first venture onto CL. He said he’d been looking for some surf equipment and decided to check it out. I laughed out loud at him, but he seemed sincere. I seriously doubt it, but whatever. He told me I was too hot to be on there and asked why I don’t meet men “the normal way”. Well “normal” is Internet dating now Pops, but I also have a husband at home and a kid in tow most places…rarely do I get hit on in public. ;)

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  1. Wow Jules! Just when I get all impressed by Gwyn and my juggling skills you knock the ball way out of the ballpark! I was starting to worry that the blog was getting a little too PG with mine and Gwyn's antics thank heavens for you! HA!

    I know we've said this a million times but why does it always seem that when it rains it pours with the boys? I mean for weeks I've been overwhelmed and doing my best balancing act and then this week has been strangely quiet. Course that could be because I'm crushing on FJB and not reaching out as much to my other team members. Any way about it, your kitty is going a million miles an hour! LOL!