Sunday, April 25, 2010

FJB Pulls In the Lead...

So many things to blog about, where to start and what to focus on. I’m gonna focus on my 2nd date with Fake Jewish Boy (FJB). We went out again last night and had the best time. We had planned to go eat and then go watch some amateur stock car racing. It was a different date to say the least but you gotta give FJB credit for coming up with something other than the traditional dinner/movie date.

Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating as much as we’d have liked. We got to the race and it was drizzling and walked up to the gates only to hear that they were cancelling the race due to the weather. As we walked, he very smoothly and sweetly took my hand. Girly sigh….I love holding hands. We checked out the stadium and stood in the drizzle for a few minutes sort of cuddled up some. Standing next to a tall guy is so freaking hot. I had intentionally not worn heels just to see the real difference in our heights. I’m 5’7 and he’s 6’3. Delicious to lean on a tall guy like that and fit right under his chin.

We headed back to his car and decided to check out a couple of local bars to play some pool and that weird bar game where you swing the hook and try to make it catch on the little peg. Strangest drinking game ever. I’ll admit he destroyed me in pool. I used to play a lot with one of my boyfriends in college and thought I was pretty decent. But FJB knows his way around the table. Playing pool gave us a chance to get in a few “casual” bumps into each other and some sexy little nudges. We hung out there for a while and then checked out a country bar right down the road.

Now if you’ve ever seen Urban Cowboy, this was just like Gilley’s bar in that movie right down to the mechanical bull. It was a blast. We stayed there for a while people watching, mullet counting, and just generally having a great time. It was getting a little later in the evening and we debated what to do next. FJB’s brother lives with him so going back to his place sounded less than appealing. I decided it was time to invite a boy back to my apartment.

I’ve pretty intentionally not invited anyone here because it’s my territory and gives me some weird sense of control to never invite them into my “inner sanctum.” But I was really digging FJB and decided he’d be the best one to infiltrate my personal space given the fun we’ve been having and because he does seem like such a genuinely nice guy. We headed back here and just lounged around on the couch for a while watching Saturday Night Live. Our comfort level with each other was definitely peaking and there was lots of snuggling and kissing.

Now FJB is a big guy. 6’3 of delicious well put together male. So lounging with him on the couch was quite a challenge to say the least. Eventually the kissing turned a little more serious and with my bed just a mere 15 feet away, we were both ready to get a little more comfortable. Now Gwyn and I have been discussing the whole “how long should you wait” thing before you sleep with a guy. If you’re just interested in having a good time, timeframe is not an issue. But if you’re trying to actually date someone, there are a lot of variables to consider before you do the deed.

Now as you can tell, I’m definitely feeling FJB. We are having a blast together and I was determined (with Gwyn’s encouragement) to not let it go to far. That being said, we were in my apartment, after having drank many beers, and getting ready to climb in my bed. This could have proved to be a lethal combination. I’m gonna tell you more details about what went down but let me preface it by saying that throughout the entire night I was repeatedly saying “no sex, no sex, no sex” in my mind.

We climbed under the covers and started kissing and cuddling. OMG he’s such a big guy. It feels so awesome to lay draped on his chest which his hands roamed over my back. I know I mentioned that his hands are huge but they are really huge. Like one hand can cover most of my back from one side to the other. And I can say from first hand (lol) experience, he’s big all over baby. All over! Hottttt! We kissed and played and let me tell you, those big hands know all the right places to hit (as does his tongue – lol). He so could have had me on my back in a heartbeat. It’s a good thing one of us had some self control, and I’m gonna admit, it sure wasn’t me. We kissed and played and cuddled for hours. We eventually feel asleep and he woke me up a few hours later playing all over again.

This morning we lay in bed dozing, kissing, and playing for several more hours. It was the best way I’ve ever been woken up in my entire life. It was definitely one of those “we did everything but” sort of experiences and it was amazing. I swear I’ve never had so many orgasms in such a short period of time. There really is something to this whole waiting to have sex thing! If it’s always going to be like this with us, I may just hold out for a couple months!

I like him enough that Team Miranda may be experiencing some very drastic cuts very soon. But I’ll save that for another post.


PS - Just had to add one more thing, a little insight into FJB. Two cool things about him that seem subtle but you ladies know these earn him big bonus points. 1 - As we walked to the racetrack, he noticed that I had changed the color of my nail polish on my toes. And this was a subtle change too girls, from a pale orange to a light brown. Good attention to detail huh? 2 - Also, as we walked he made sure to have me walk on the inside away from the cars driving on the road and he keep steering me around puddles and debris in the walkway. Nice to feel like someone's taking care of me for a change!


  1. I'm sooo glad you like him. He sounds like a good guy! I have to agree that there's something to waiting for the sex. (I know, I hope you were sitting down.) I waited (you know...all of a week) before having sex with Gavin and it made it so intense when we finally did. ;)

  2. Okay this guy sounds like a winner- and yes it is wonderful when a guy is so much bigger than you. Being just over 5 feet tall most men are taller than me, but I have to say I love it that my hubby is a full foot taller than me. His hands are huge too, and yeah that is a nice feeling since he can nearly envelop my waist with them! It makes me feel like a delicate little thing :)

  3. I'd just like to say, Miranda, that I laughed out loud when I realized that I told you not to go all the way with FJB meanwhile I was busy having sex with two different guys within 12 hours. Ha.


  4. HAHAHA Do as I say, not as I do seems to be the path we're all on these days Gwyn!