Monday, April 26, 2010

An Eight Pack AND Two Bottles of Wine

So last night was my first date with Crossfit. I got all purdy for him – wore a slightly form fitting (but not fancy) black dress with some cute wedges. My makeup, done by my gay glamour fairy, was perfect. Very natural (I usually don’t wear any) but definitely sexy. The only kink in my armor was a very attractive, cleat-mark shaped bruise on the outside of my upper thigh from my soccer game. Nobody’s perfect!

He came to pick me up about 7:15 and my roommate proceeded to interrogate him while I waited upstairs. My gay bff asked him a few questions as well and then came upstairs to get me. When he came up he gushed and gushed about how cute Crossfit was, how he shook his hand and introduced himself was and how I had hit the jackpot. That did nothing to help my nerves. I have dated some very attractive guys in the past but the body on this man is literally one of the best I’ve seen. Intimidating is an understatement. Anyways, my gay bff gave me $60 cash for emergencies (he’s sort of like my gay pimp) and escorted me downstairs. Crossfit was waiting for me looking all sexy and smiling. He was wearing jeans, a short sleeve button down shirt and some flip flops. Normally flip flops on a date would be a no-no but in this case I couldn’t care less! He gave me a hug and we said our farewells to my chaperones. He opened the car door for me and all doors from that point forward – thank God chivalry isn’t dead. It makes a girl feel special and helps us to remember why we spent all that time and money on making ourselves into sex goddesses.

We decided to eat at a place near my house. It took us at least 30 minutes to order our food because we couldn’t stop talking to each other long enough to look at the menu. Finally, after our poor waitress had come by five times we decided to get an appetizer so that she would leave us alone for awhile (his suggestion). We chatted about all kinds of things – music, family, sports, fitness, jobs, etc. He asked me lots of questions which was nice and the eye contact was perfect. He suggested I pick out two entrees that I liked and we would order those and share. When the food came he split it all up for me, it was so cute. He also gave me a quick lesson on how to get the tail meat out of the shrimp – encouraging me to use more tongue less teeth (to which I laughed out loud). Then I picked out a bottle of wine to go with the meal. We were having a really good time and I could tell through his body language that he was into me. When the bill came he paid with no hesitation and then asked me what I wanted to do next. You mean we get to hang out longer? I felt like a little schoolgirl I was so excited. He suggested coffee, dessert or more wine. Naturally, I voted more wine. So we went to the store and bought a bottle of wine and some plastic cups and went to a park to sit under the stars. It was really romantic and gave me lots of opportunities to touch his muscles. We talked and talked and talked. When he finally went in for the kiss it was perfect – he grabbed my face and pulled me into kiss him. And he was a great kisser. We did that for a bit longer. We snuggled up under a blanket. He kissed my neck and my ear (damned if he didn’t find my special spot on the first night!) and tickled my back. There was some heavy petting but all over-the-clothes and nothing involving his package. It was extremely hard for me to keep it PG after I felt his abs and those arms. All I can say is DAMN. I am a lucky girl.

It was getting late so we decided to call it a night – it was 12:30am and he still had an hour drive ahead of him not to mention we both had work in the morning. He drove me home and got out of the car to open my door. We stood outside the car talking for a second and then this sexy piece of man pressed me up against the car and starting kissing me again. It was HOT. He pressed himself all up against me and yes, he was certainly excited at this point. I didn’t get a direct feel but it definitely didn’t seem small.

I went to sleep a very happy camper last night. Crossfit has to go out of town from Wednesday to Sunday but told me I should come visit him before he leaves and he’ll take me out on his home turf. There’s definitely a second date in the works but I think I’m going to make him wait to see me until he gets back. Plus, I need some time to starve myself and work on my eight pack.

So.....with no further ado...introducing Crossfit. And, yes, this is really him:


  1. This pic makes me more than a little breathless. I wish I had a gay fairy pimp!

  2. Okay I am a very happily married woman but the pants at the bottom of that picture make me feel deprived LOL

  3. Hopefully, short girl, I'll get to find out what's underneath those pants soon. I'm headed to see him tonight and there's already been talk of hot tubs and back massages so I may be in luck!


  4. Smoking body aside, he does sound like a catch. Somewhere between shaking your drag queen buddy's hand and opening all doors, I started crushing on him.