Friday, April 30, 2010

Nature Vs. Nurture

The raining of men as Miranda refers to it as halted some here since the big day on Tuesday. Feast or Famine I suppose…not sure what to think about Mr. Diver. He was ALL into me on Monday…lots of emailing, texting, call me kind of thing. Then, we were supposed to go out Monday night and he got called into work (which I think was legit). He started texting me again after he got back Monday night saying that he might just drive up anyway, but he had to work Tuesday morning so we finally decided to just reschedule. I sent him a text saying “Hi” Wednesday and we arranged to go out tonight BUT it’s now 1pm my time and I haven’t heard anything from him…so now I can’t go or I’ll seem too available, damn it. It’s also possible he googled me and found out that I’m still technically married with a kid. I guess the world of cyber stalking can go both ways. We hadn’t  discussed  the details of our lives yet. He went straight for the date before dropping off, so he doesn’t know about my gay husband and my kid.
Mr. Chile emailed me this AM to see what my weekend schedule is like, but we’re kind of off this weekend. Russell works tomorrow night until 11pm and Mr. Chile has a canoe race on Saturday at 8am in town, so doubtful I’ll be seeing him this weekend.
We had quite the event at our house last night. Chloe has lice. OMG I feel dirty and poor and gross. Everyone in Hawaii gets it, but somehow I’m not comforted by this fact. We were up ALL night treating it…literally went to bed at 2am. Fortunately she was the only one in the house…bless her heart. I couldn’t help but notice as Russell and I finished our night on the porch with some adult beverages, that  Gavin and his gf were up partying all night and I’ve got money that says they were doing coke. (Gwyn, your post made me think about this today.) Gavin is an early to bed kind of guy…he’s rarely ever up that late except the one night I was with him that he was doing coke. I’m thinking it really is time I let that one go…that’s a world of mess I don’t need.  It’s too bad though since the Owen drought is starting.  I hope the kitty recognizes what a hot mess his life is and that I seriously don’t need that drama. Supposedly he’s moving at the end of May…I’m back to hoping it happens.
For those of you few that don’t know me, my Dad and my bio Mother are cocaine addicts. I’ve tried it…I love it…I don’t do it. I’ve seen how this story ends. My Dad overdosed last summer. I’m lucky he’s still here, but he has a lot of addictions to deal with and he’s not…sad story.  My mother has been clean for about 8 or 9 years, but again my family history will be a post for another time (or never). She and I are divorced per me. She still tries to contact me, but she’s a really horrible person that I want nothing to do with again…ever.  The twist to this tale is that while I don’t speak to her anymore,  I found out last week that my Dad has apparently been chatting her up lately (or vice versa) since my stepmom left him last fall…weird. I’ve got to be one of the only people in the world that hopes and prays her parents DO NOT get back together again. My Mother actually left us for the man she was having an affair with when I was 18 months old. He sold my Dad the windows to the house he was building for us. Fast forward several (25) years and my Dad starts revealing to me the affairs he’s had since being married to my stepmom (who I adore as if she had given birth to me…really the best of the 3 parents…hands down.).  This summer when he overdosed and was in ICU for a month, we thought he was dying and starting going through all of his stuff. My brother and I found condoms in his truck and penile creams and whatnot in the garage (along with a huge stack of porn). It was disturbing to say the least.  Which leads me to my profound question of the day: Is infidelity genetic or are we all just a bunch of whores in my family??


  1. It totally is feast for famine but it always cycles around. Somehow I doubt infidelity is genetic though your family certainly makes a strong case for that lol. I think it's more of an epidemic. I mean think of all the people who know who are actively or who have cheated in the past. It really is freaky when the secrets start coming out of the closet...

    FYI - Let's make sure the lice are gone before I'm Hawaii bound! HA!

  2. I read an interesting study the other day - maybe you guys have seen it? I think the title was "PEOPLE LIKE SEX". In other news, a dog bit a man and I also heard that later tonight, it's supposed to get real, real dark.

    Seriously, the only thing that shocks me when I hear about "cheating" (I have a big problem with that word, but will save that for my own blog) is that people are constantly shocked when they hear about it. Sorry Miranda, but I don't think it's freaky at all. The whole notion of monogamy is a man-made contrivance. It's not natural and, I would argue not even really "normal" to just have sex with one person all the time. I realize that it's generally frowned upon in our culture to have multiple lovers but really, what's the harm? I mean, obviously, one needs to keep health concerns in mind and be "safe" but other than that, what's the problem?

  3. I thought all kids get lice at some point in their lives? I know all the schools I ever went to in Cali had kids go down with lice all the time. It's just part of being with other kids, so don't be too hard on yourself there.