Thursday, April 29, 2010

At Last.....

After weeks, nay months, of Facebook chatting and texting, College Crush (AKA suspected Pillsbury Doughboy) finally asked me out. Though as his typical MO it was a wee bit vague.

He and I text just about every day and it varies from just friendly chit chat to deep life altering conversations to fun & flirty. Let me give you some back story.

College Crush (CC) was a boy I obviously had a crush on back in the day at school. We were friends but my much less confident self was never brave enough to ask him out. He was in a frat, though not the typical frat guy, and a bit of a party boy so I mostly just hoped we’d run into each other at a club one night when I had enough liquid courage to flirt with him outright. When I had finally worked up the courage (without the alcohol), I happened to start dating another guy so friends is all we ever were.

Randomly we ran into each other a time or two over the next 10 years but we never really kept in touch until Facebook – cue the dramatic music. I always remembered him and connected with him on Facebook maybe a year or so ago. We exchanged a few messages via Facebook but that was about it. Then about the same time I started to really flirt with Sawyer, CC and I started Facebook messaging. All totally innocent and very above board that I did confess that I was unhappy in my relationship to him.

He was there as a friend through my dad’s passing and in the months that followed. Then about 3 months ago the messaging took on a decidedly flirty tone and it’s only gotten worse (in a good way lol). About six weeks ago we switched to mainly texting each other. Now we text pretty much every day, mostly in the evening. He lives about an hour and a half away and I get to his city relatively often for work but he also travels so our schedules have yet to match up yet. We’ve danced around the idea of one day having a drink and commiserating together over whatever is going on in our lives but nothing has happened yet in real life.

For a while I’ve felt like he was going to ask me out and I’ve been pestering him for a more recent photo. The ones he has on Facebook are indeterminably older. He always seems to have an excuse as to why he forgets to send one or can’t send one at that moment so I’m pretty sure that means he’s turned into the Pillsbury Doughboy. And while chubbier guys are really not my thing, I’m not opposed to seeing him since we’ve had this decade long crush thing going on and because if nothing else he and I are definitely going to be friends for quite a while. Alas, still no photo – what’s a girl to think?

So tonight he was telling me about his new apartment in downtown that is within walking distance to his favorite bar – every single person’s idea of heaven – living right near a bar. And he said, “When I’m all settled, I want you to come down and we’ll go out finally.” Not an exactly “let’s go out on X date” but still he finally threw it out there. Shew! Now we just have to wait and see if it ever happens…



  1. No updated pics freaks me out...in this day and age everyone has the capacity to post some recent ones...I mean really.

  2. Let's cross our fingers and hope he's just stalling until his personal trainer has whipped him into shape, or something :)