Monday, April 26, 2010

Marriage Is...

My grandparents who have been married for 58 years left today apparently feeling that their mission had failed. My grandparents came with an agenda. It was to "teach" us that marriage is hell. My grandmother actually said this sentence last night in context to something she told my cousin about being a military wife a few weeks ago. "Marriage is not meant to make you happy." - The Ya-Ya
ROFL...she's serious too. She told me that I'm not being sensible. My grandfather took me on a walk today and told me that a girl needs her father and that when Russell gets promoted, I should follow him because I can do my Masters program anywhere and Chloe needs her dad around. Yikes...
No other real news...Gavin called this morning repeatedly, but the fam was here so no playtime even if I'd wanted it. Owen is trying to line up Tuesday. If he doesn't pull this Tuesday out, he may have to be placed on restriction. I posted a new ad on CL this week...several promising leads from that. The top contender being a 45 year old South American guy who's divorced (wife and kids are back in SA) and he speaks limited English (could be super hot and frustrating all at once.).


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  2. HA! No marriage isn't supposed to make you "happy" but it's also not supposed to make you miserable! I figure when the bad times out weigh the good, it's time to call it a day.

    That being said, it kind of makes me angry that they wanted to convince you to stay with Russell. No one should have to settle. I may have to expound on that later with a post.

  3. Oops, I just realized that my original comment went with another post of yours. I tried to delete it and post it in the correct spot but can't figure out how to do that, sorry.

  4. Jules, you need to teach your grandparents about "dealbreakers". Do they know Russell is gay? That's not really a "marriage" any more than marrying someone for a greencard is at that point.