Friday, April 23, 2010

Mazel Tov !

So last night was my date with Fake Jewish Boy (FJB) and it rocked! I had a little trepidation about the date because even though we’ve talked a ridiculous amount in the last few days, I know he’s like a super smarty-pants and he comes across as super sarcastic. But I was still game because the online chemistry has been popping.

So after a mad dash shopping effort at lunch time, I headed home a wee bit early to freshen up and figure out what in the hell to wear. When he asked me out, FJB actually had a plan for the date, which earned him major points. We were meeting at a local mini-golf/arcade place to kill off the initial nerves and then we were heading out for dinner. So I had to figure out the whole how short of a skirt, how booby of a shirt can I wear combo that wouldn’t be totally revealing and slutty considering the venue. As I was trying on various outfits, who should call – the disappearing Lawyer Boy.

I haven’t said much about him lately because there really hasn’t been much to tell. He’s kind of been under the radar. Now I do cut him some slack because he’s got his little girl full time and he’s all wrapped up with studying for the bar exam. That being said, a girl does need at least a regular phone call now and again to keep up the excitement level. The first couple weeks we talked every day but over the last week and a half, that really dropped off. So anyways, earlier this week he’d mentioned us getting together this weekend and I really wanted to cause I’ve been practicing all sorts of ways to tell him how pretty his peen is. Well this lovely phone call was to tell me it looked like this weekend wouldn’t work after all but perhaps we could see each other next week.

This cancellation actually works to my favor a bit because I’m tentatively supposed to finally meet Texas in person during the day on Saturday and Motorcycle Man has been trying to get on my schedule for the weekend too. Honestly, I was a little bummed but at the same time I was literally standing half-naked getting dressed for a date with another guy and with all the other men in my life, a girl in my position just can’t feel too rejected these days. I hung up with him pretty quick because I still needed to get dressed and out the door for FJB’s super fun well planned date. FYI – I finally settled on the denim miniskirt, cute purple shirt with an extra button undone, and sexy wedge sandals combo.

We met and FJB was everything I’d hoped and more. He was exactly as tall as promised, 6’3 of delicious fake jewishness and way cuter in person than in his pics. He greeted me with a hug (which I really like) and a compliment (bonus point). He’d actually made some extra effort with his appearance and was dressed in nice dark jeans, a button down shirt, and real shoes – not sneakers or whatever. I was impressed to say the least.

We proceeded to play mini-golf and not to brag, but I almost obliterated him. I did have one bad hole but suckered him into letting me take a mulligan and I shot a hole in one the next time. We totally ended in a tie. Next up was a skee-ball tourney. Now if you haven’t ever played skee-ball, you are missing out. Used to love it as a kid, still do. This time I did obliterate him. He was a good sport about it though.

We headed off to dinner and drove our own cars, I mean we were pretty much just going across the street but still. It gave me a chance to send a quick “safety” text to Gwyn and let her know everything was going great so far. He told me when we got there that after we left the mini-golf place; he thought to himself, I hope she doesn’t drive off! HA!

We had a great dinner with lots of good conversation and lots of witty sarcasm. At one point, we got in a debate about the word “yall” and how it’s appropriately spelled. Being a southern girl (he’s from upstate NY) I was sure I was correct and vehemently defended my position that there’s not ‘in yall. We asked the waitress and sadly, she sided with FJB and said it was “y’all.” I still defended my position even after she brought by another waitress that agreed with the apostrophe version too. Next up FJB had the balls to poll the tables on either side of us about it and they all agreed with him! Grrr! LOL. I secretly conceded he may be right but I still maintain my right to spell it yall.

We sat there forever just talking and joking around. There was some sweet innocent hand grazing going on which was quite nice. Let me tell you he has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen in my life. At one point, we compared hands and my fingers only come up about halfway to the tips of his fingers. Hmmmm, given Gwyn’s penis post, big hands, tall,…. I may have a real winner in the penile region.

It was clear we weren’t ready to call it a night so FJB suggested we continue our date at a cool little bar in downtown. Now I was a little bit nervous because downtown is Lawyer Boy’s haunt but I figured oh well, if I run into him it will be a wake up call to him that if he wants to see me he better put forth a little more effort. I rode with him this time and we spent about another hour nursing a couple beers (I had tied on a major one with Gwyn the night before) and just talking. The bar was a great choice because it was semi-romantic and we had the chance to sit all close to each other because it was loud and stuff.

Now this anticipation period where everything is new and awkward in a good way is my fave time. The whole lingering glances, intense eye contact, getting that little thrill from leaning in close or a well-timed hand on the thigh. That’s just the deal. Eventually we did have to call it a night and he drove me back to my car. We sat there and talked for a few minutes and I was starting to wonder if I was getting the good night kiss or not when he leaned over and gave me a really sweet, classic first kiss. We both kind of just smiled and leaned back after that and he said he definitely thought we should go out again. I agreed and got ready to hop out of the car when he pulled me back over gently and gave me two more really nice, but very respectful kisses. He wasn’t trying to shove his tongue down my throat or anything, which was nice.

After I got home, I hopped online to check email and who popped up in my IM, none other than FJB. We chatted for about another hour. I’m feeling a little swoon coming on!

FJB is a strong contender. I think he may have bumped his way from not even officially on the team up to the VIP of the game. Keep your fingers crossed for me…..



  1. It sounds like you had a great time!! I can't wait to read about where this is headed!

  2. Thx RR. I did have a totally great time. I've been on a lot of dates in the last few months and this was by far one of the best ones. Let's just hope he keeps his head in the game...


  3. I think we need to ask our boss for raises so that we can more easily afford all these dating outfits and accessories. I'm also thinking of asking for a 'sexual health day' but I'm guessing he won't go for that :(


  4. Yeah I may not be spending jack on eating out and drinking but repairing my wardrobe from mommy status to milf status is killing me. Plus it's kind of hard with all these guys to remember what I've worn on which date with which guy so I don't repeat anything. I may need to develop a flow chart of some sort...


  5. Wow he sounds like a great guy- dressed like an adult, complimented you, let you win (whether by his lack of skill or chivalry, this is a must) and was respectful! Are you sure he's actually single?! That's a hard combo to dig up!
    But I'm sorry to say as an English degree holder, it is most definitely y'all, because it is a contraction of you and all. And I'm southern so I even know the plural, which is "all y'all" LOL

  6. Wow, definitely sounds like a contender. Way to go Miranda!