Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hump Day? Almost.

The second date with Crossfit is officially over. Here’s a recap:

I got to his house at about 9:30pm Tuesday night, he came outside to meet me at my car and gave me a kiss when he saw me. I was slightly confused when I pulled up to his house because it was REALLY big and in a very nice neighborhood – more on that later (I think I’ve found myself a rich boy). He looked hot, he’s one of those guys who can make cargo shorts and a fitted t-shirt look ridiculously sexy. We walked inside and he gave me a little tour of the crib….aquarium, wet bar, kitchen, six bedrooms, his Cockapoo, hot tub, etc. I quickly realized that this was his parents’ house. Oh my Lord I’m at his parents’ house. Perfect. I asked him who he lived with, he said his parents and told me he thought we had talked about that before (NO we did not). Ends up there is a good explanation for this – he was in the process of buying a new condo and his stepmom had to co-sign for him because his personal training business is only 1-year old, thus only 1 year of tax returns, the loan got denied about a month ago. He told me he’s going to wait until he finishes school in a year and then find a place to buy. That way he will have another year of working under his belt and should be able to do it without a co-signer. I was satisfied with his explanation and decided not to deduct any points.

Next we went into the kitchen and he proceeded to bring out some food his dad had cooked for dinner and made us each a plate. He also told me I looked really nice – yeah, I better I was completely immobilized and wrapped like a mummy for an hour! We ate and talked and then it happened. I heard someone coming down the stairs but my back was turned from that direction so I couldn’t tell who it was. Next thing you know I’m face to face with his dad. Crossfit introduced us and I couldn’t really tell if his dad expected me to be there or if he was as surprised as I was. Anyways, his dad was very nice and left us alone to go feed the fish. I didn’t see his dad again after that and never saw his step-mother. I’m still not sure what to think of this incident – any advice would be appreciated.

After we finished eating he walked outside with me to get my bathing suit from the car so we could get in the aforementioned hot tub. When we got to my car he grabbed me and kissed me a few times telling me “I haven’t had the chance to kiss you yet.” It was definitely a line but it was still nice to hear. Then we headed out to the hot tub with a couple glasses of wine. The hot tub conversation was lovely and he was very much a gentleman. He touched my leg, kissed me a few times and eventually pulled me over to sit on his lap – or more like float on his lap! His body was freaking amazing. I had to catch myself a few times because I was staring so hard.

Eventually we went inside and he said I could rinse off in the shower – with him. I agreed but if he thought I was taking my bikini off in the shower he had another thing coming. We kissed outside the shower while the water was heating up and he tried to untie my top, I quickly told him no. He didn’t try anything else smooth while we were in there.

It was time for bed and we both changed into our pajamas – he was in boxer briefs and OMG it was so sexy. I also got a sneak peak at the package, it’s nothing special but I think it will do. We fooled around for awhile before we both went to sleep. I was right, he knows his way around a woman. And I stuck to my vow of chastity, barely. He even woke me up in the middle of the night to play some more. I don’t know how I escaped that bedroom with my dignity.

Wednesday morning we got up bright and early. We cuddled a little bit and then I had to head out. He gave me a few kisses goodbye and told me to let him know I made it home safe. I also noticed he was grinning at me and sort of chuckling to himself but I didn’t know why. I found out when I got home and looked at myself in the mirror. I have little hickeys all over one side of my neck/collar bone area. So, here I am at work in a turtleneck and it’s 70 degrees outside. Not to mention I’m 29 years old. This must be what slutty feels like.

Crossfit will be back on Sunday and told me he will see me when he gets back. I thanked him for the hickeys. He laughed and apologized. Guess it’s time to borrow Miranda’s hickey-covering makeup so that I can hang out with Truck Driver tonight without having to explain why I look like I’ve been in a fight with a vacuum.



  1. Hmmm...there's always a "catch" isn't there? Lives with his parents, huh? Certainly a reasonable explanation as to why but...seriously? How old is this guy? Maybe I'm just old school (or Jules would probably say I'm just plain OLD) but I would only live with my parents under the direst of circumstances. Was it weird to sleep over when you knew his folks were there too? He seems like a good guy otherwise and it's your dating life but if I were you, I'd be a little bit concerned that he didn't even mention his living situation prior to your date.

  2. He is 28 years old (I'm 29 but didn't get my own place until 2 years ago). I think he probably figured I wouldn't come if he told me he lived with his parents, that's my guess. Also, if you saw this house you probably wouldn't be in a rush to leave it :) His room is actually the third floor and it's pretty separated from the rest of the house, so I didn't feel too weird about staying there as I would if I was down with mom and dad. Maybe it's just a new trend but I actually know of lots of people (especially guys) my age that still live at home for whatever reason - so it didn't throw me off all that much. He said he just lost the condo a month ago in the last stages of loan approval....anyways I guess his explanation struck me as legit.


  3. Yeah, if he was 40 and living at home that'd be a whole different story.

    Or he could be like Duckie and living in a house his mommy and daddy bought for him...

  4. Or he could be like Duckie and living in a house his mommy and daddy bought for him...


    Anyways, I too know a lot of late 20-somethings who still live with or somewhat depend on their parents despite working okay-paying full time jobs. It's just tough out there.

    It does sound like the song and dance you had to do to prep for the date paid off though. I dig that he backed off when you asked him too, but I also dig that he had to at least TRY, at least once :) Sounds like he's into you too.