Monday, April 26, 2010

Just another manic monday....

So just a quick post, us ladies have been blowing up the blog today! LOL!

I’m having a bit of a manic Monday to tell the truth. I obviously had a wonderful weekend with FJB and came in still riding that high. Then Motorcycle Man had some kind of temper tantrum that I’m still scratching my head over.

We’re Facebook friends and I noticed that some random redneck looking girl in a saloon girl shirt had put on his page “I had a great weekend babe. Thank you!” Now of course there’s no commitment here but I still thought that was a little weird considering he and I tried to schedule a date for this weekend but we couldn’t connect. And I fully know and admit that I totally blew him off on Saturday so I could see FJB with the good old “I have a friend coming to town” line but still. I felt irrationally jealous I admit.

He’s been teasing me for a while (maybe it’s not so teasing after all though) that I have a boyfriend because of my availability. And yes, some of my scheduling issues are working with other members of Team Miranda but the majority of my issues have to do with Leo and Ladybug. But in light on his teasing comments I texted him “Are you ignoring me? Hope you had a nice weekend with ------“ A short while later I got a text from him saying “No. You always have somewhere or someone else you need to be with.” We exchanged a couple text after that with me essentially saying he needed to remember it was him who had blown me off this weekend (technically true for our Sunday plans) and if he wanted to write me off it was his choice to do so. A little later he texted me saying he wanted to call me tonight to talk about our “relationship.” WTF! As a 45-year-old grown ass man, I think he needs to grow the fuck up. And if he did sleep with that skanky redneck in the saloon girl shirt, I’m so never going back to his thunder from down under. Not because he slept with her, hell I’d be the biggest hypocrite there is, but because of her level of skankiness.

I was supposed to meet up with Texas finally this weekend but I canceled on him partly because of FJB but also because he had a major family crisis going on and I thought it was best to delay. Long story short, he moved here to help take care of his sister who has some type of bone marrow cancer. Well Friday they found out the treatment had ravaged her heart and enlarged it to the point where she needs a transplant but because of the caner, she’s not eligible for a transplant. Yeah, I wasn’t thinking he’d be brining his A game while he was worrying about his sister dying sometime in the near future. We chatted for a while this morning and it just sounds so freaking sad and depressing. My heart goes out to his whole family right now. He heads back to Texas this week but says he will be up here quite frequently over the next couple of months to help his sister prepare to move to Texas so maybe we will eventually meet.

The High School crush starts texting me dirty messages saying he wants to have Gwyn together and me - LMFAO. On a wine fueled wine Wednesday, we took a very innocent picture and sent it to him. Must have got his juices going. I politely declined on our behalf, as we are pretty much full up on the man teams at the moment.

Then College Crush started blowing up my text too. Please note even after direct asking I still don’t have a picture of him. He’s so the Pillsbury Dough Boy. College Crush is skating a very fine line between potential and just friends.

And after a week of basically ignoring him, Sawyer popped back up on the radar and started emailing me saying he missed me, etc. I’ll save the Sawyer situation for another post but basically, I’ve been doing my best to not initiate any contact with him.

And I must give Duckie a shout out. After so many weeks of being a dick, he actually did something nice today. On the way to work apparently there was a huge crash on the highway we both travel and he texted me to say it was completely backed up and to go a different route. I was quite shocked at this friendly message. Sure hope he doesn’t think giving me traffic tips is going to change anything.

Sheesh all this and it’s only lunchtime!



  1. I feel like all of my stories to my grandchildren are going to start like this, "Well first we opened a bottle of wine....."

    Thanks for declining the threesome on my behalf. All that over a headshot pic, good thing that's all you sent him!


  2. So it appears that the even the allure of a bike and a giant cock has it's limits :-) You're absolutely right; he needs to grow the fuck up :)

    All this, and still no sight of the disappearing Lawyer Boy huh?

  3. Yeah, we left it as maybe we'd get together this coming weekend but I'm not going to chase him, no matter how pretty his dick is lol.