Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Girl - Part 2

Rounding out the squad are a few third-string players including a transplant from Spain with horrible grammar and a very cute personal trainer who jumps out of airplanes. At this point I am only in the messaging stage with these two. But, if things with Truck Driver don’t end up going well I’m calling in the subs.

The personal trainer has a super hot body and he plays soccer (I’m a soccer freak of sorts, still play every weekend and talk more crap than anybody on the field). Both score him points. I’ve never dated a trainer, though I’ve fantasized about my personal trainer more times than I can count, and I’m slightly intimidated at the thought of it. I’m in decent shape and workout a lot but I have also been known to consume an entire bag of Rolos in one sitting. His last message to me ended with “So, do have a busy week this week?” I’m guessing in the next message he’s going to ask me out. I don’t really know what I will say to that at this point. I’m down with dating different guys at the same time but once I get over 3 or 4 it gets to be more stressful than it is fun.

Plus, I could see myself really liking Truck Driver so I don’t want to get too caught up with anyone new until that situation sorts itself out. We hung out last night at his house and worked on his resume and a job application together (we also celebrated the 4/20 holiday of course…). He wants to get a job driving locally for FedEx and kept referencing how him having this job would be beneficial to me as well, which was weird but also sweet. One little bonus of helping him with the resume was that I found out how much money he currently makes – score another point for Truck Driver. The drama of the evening occurred when my ex started calling out of the blue, repeatedly. Truck Driver knows about the ex, and actually knows him, and was really cool about the whole ordeal. He even encouraged me to call him back, “I’ll be quiet” he said. I think my ex might have seen us out earlier in the evening, we had gone to run a few errands on his side of town. Anyways, I tried calling him back but got no answer. Spent the rest of the night lounging around with Truck Driver until I had to go home around midnight. I had a lot of fun with him and got to see more of his personality – he has a really silly side that I like. At one point he was belting out some Alicia Keys song at the top of his lungs. While we were out doing the errands (which included him buying me a happy meal, I know I’m a classy date) he gave money to a homeless guy and said to me “I just don’t understand how this happens in this country. We can’t forget about the unfortunate.” He was really serious about it too. It was cute. It’s nice to be able to talk to a man about more than sports, video games and cars. We will probably hang out again tonight and until then I’ll be sending him dirty texts from work. Now might be a good time to mention that the first time I saw Truck Driver’s man parts I was in complete shock. I’ve just never seen anything that looks quite like it. The only thing I can compare it to is a microphone - a big, veiny 9 inch microphone. My brain is now in dirty metaphor overload……

As for Army Boy, I agree that he needs to be cut. I just need to figure out the best way to do it. I think if I don’t text/call/respond for a day or two that should be that. And, of course, the classic de-friending on Facebook could do the trick.



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