Saturday, August 20, 2011

Product Review - G-Spot Decadence

Thank you Eden Fantasy for the amazing new toy! I received my pretty pink Decadence G-spot vibe last week and ripped open the package immediately. I had to wait a few hours for some alone time, but I got right down to business as quickly as possible!! As soon as everyone was in their respective beds, I hopped onto mine and opened this up. It's so cute and small and comes with it's own little plastic case. This makes it perfect for carrying discreetly in your purse.

I was initially surprised by the small size. We all know Jules loves big things, but holy crap this thing is super powerful. I cannot for the life of me make myself squirt with a toy. I've decided it's physically impossible for me, but this toy did make me soak it in cum. I finished after 3 really strong orgasms and it was dripping. Thankfully one of it's amazing features is that it's waterproof!!

I met up with Owen today and told him I was bringing my new toy! He loves things that stimulate my g-spot and I knew he would love the powerful vibrations of this vibrator. I was right! We played with it in DP fashion and he loved, loved, loved the sensations pressing through me onto him. It was a huge turn on. He was shocked as well that such a small toy could provide us with such strong vibrations. He's told me to keep this one on the top of the toy box and noted that it fit perfectly. One of the problems with larger toys for DP play is that in certain positions, it can be awkward to play with it at the same time, not with this one.

Thank you Kayla and Eden Fantasy for my fabulous G-Spot vibrator. Also, we would like to thank Carolina for helping us get into this! Next time, I'm going to let Owen control it to see if he can make me squirt all over him. I'll report back. ;) I'd post pictures of it in use, but that might make Miranda and Gwyn die of embarrassment, so here is a G rated version of the G-spot vibe! - Jules

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