Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Clarity

Miranda suggested the other day that she was taking a boy sabbatical after Coach and with Gavin being gone to CA this week, I've decided to do the same. He left Wednesday and he's called a bunch, but I've let it all go to voice mail until today. I needed some time to think and process. I think it's freaked him out a little. I finally talked to him tonight very briefly and he asked if I'd found a hot surfer guy in his absence. I told him "Absolutely...dude, out of sight, out of mind". He didn't think it was funny, but I found it hilarious. He's in a sensitive place right now b/c the gf is also in CA and has been blowing him off the entire time, except for tonight when she needed a ride. I've decided that I'm not into being his back up plan though. He needs to finish that and then sow some oats and then maybe...but probably not.

Here's my conclusion from the time off. I'm going to continue to fuck him because it's hot and it's easy (and as stated previously I'm co-dependent and not ready to give it up just yet), but I'm not going to spend as much time with him hanging out until he gets his shit figured out and if you've ever met him or read this blog for longer than a week...you know that could be some time. Now that Chloe is home, she's my primary focus again (as it should be!). She's an amazing kid. I was actually anxious about her return b/c I figured my parents were going to ruin her over the summer. I owe them a huge apology b/c she came back much improved. Being back in Mom mode is grounding me in a good way.  It may make for some boring reading for a few weeks as I revel in it, but I'm happy as a clam.

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  1. Glad you had some time to think things over and decide what you want. I am glad you're getting some quality time with Chloe too. I highly doubt it will be boring to read about that. Happy as a clam is a good place to be :)