Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sex with Owen and A Date with Daniel

Whoa, what a day! I woke up leisurely this morning because it's a state holiday here. Daniel and I have continued to text/talk like crazy and decided to go to the beach together today for a few hours. I knew it would be time limited because I had plans with a gf tonight, which is kind of how I like 1st dates to roll so that there's an out. He sent me a text first thing this morning confirming and then later I sent him one saying that I was running a little late and as it turns out he was too. My initial plan was to make us lunch, so I needed extra time to prep it. That plan was quickly aborted.

Owen sent me a text right after I sent Daniel one about being late and asked if I was free today at all. I  told him I could see him immediately or at like 2pm. He said immediately worked for him and we planned to meet 10 minutes later. He was working close to my house today, but since Russell was home we had to meet in his van. Van sex always makes me feel young and vibrant, like a teenager again. I'm entirely too old to be fucking in an automobile, but there is something about it that turns me on immensely. It's naughty. I also thought this was good insurance that I wouldn't wind up having sex with Daniel on our 1st date!

I told him I was bringing my new toy and when I climbed into his van he immediately asked to see it, but placed it on the seat and pulled me onto his lap. I managed to pull off my skirt on the way over and he was already naked. I don't know how he got naked so fast, maybe he drove that way! Anyway, he pulled me over to him and kissed me on his lap forever. Then he moved down to sucking my tits...watching him do that was making me soooo wet (well, doubled with the sensation!) He entered me and I rode him hard through 3 super intense orgasms where he pulled my ponytail, kissed my neck, and held me on the last one. OMG it felt great and we were just getting started!!

He told me to get on my knees and lick all of that cum off his cock. I quickly complied and then he got up and got behind me and started doing me doggie style while I was bent over his seat. I was able to look back over my shoulder and watch him hold onto my ass and pound away. I've spent a lot of years closing my eyes during sex. Part of it is not wanting to connect and part of it is that sex is just such an amazing experience, I tend to naturally close my eyes and just go with all of the physical sensations. I've decided watching is much hotter. Life lesson #5623 learned at the age of 35.

Then he brought up my toy and asked if I wanted to play with it in my kitty while he fucked my ass. I said I absolutely did and he took his cock out of me and lubed it up. Then he teased the hell out of me for what felt like an eternity. He rubbed his cock in between my ass cheeks and we both were watching him slide up and down. Well, I could only catch the up seeing as how I was still in doggie position. It was HOT. Then he would go down and put just the tip inside of my kitty, pull out, press the tip against my ass...I mean he had me all kinds of worked up. Finally, he told me to flip over. I did and laid spread eagle on his seat with him on his knees in front of me. His favorite position for fucking me and for watching! He gave me my toy and I started playing with myself and he started pushing himself slowly into my ass. I pulled my legs together and put them over his shoulder and started rocking against him. He was making the best faces while he was fucking me. I love it. You can see how hard he's trying not to cum, but how amazing it feels!

I was going at it hard, as was he and finally he pulled my legs back apart and continued pounding me. I came a lot more during all of this fabulous, hard core sex and then he pulled out and shot a gigantic load all over my kitty. I quickly massaged it all over us. He loves that. He likes for me to take his cum and rub it all over us, use it as lube, play with his cock as he cums, etc. He wants me touching him the entire time it's shooting out and I have to admit I love doing it. I love seeing how hard and how much he cums for me. We cleaned up, he kissed me some more, and I managed to get to my date fairly on time.

Well, as it turns out Daniel had actually not been running late as he had said and had arrived at a local bar we were meeting in on time. By the time I got there, he was on beer #3. I met him outside and he was very cute and I found myself oddly nervous and a little shaky. It could have been from the awesome fuck I'd just had, but I think it was nerves and anxiety too. He looked just like his pictures and I was charmed. We went inside and had a beer and he told me that he had a few before I got there and admitted to really being on time. I felt a little badly, but he had told me he was running behind too.

We left the bar and went to grab lunch and hit the beach. We had a great time talking and laying in the sand.  He shared that it's actually been 2 years since he's been with a girl (sexually and on a date) because the ex wife just hurt him so badly. (yay, baggage!) He seems ready now though to start dating, but he 's not rushing it and he's definitely taking things very slowly and such. It is kind of refreshing. I'm so used to men just wanting to fuck me and trying so hard to find a way into my pants (not that it's a huge challenge or anything, but you know what I mean). He hugged me when we parted and I kissed him on the cheek out of Hawaiian habit. As I was walking off, he yelled "text me later". Um, ok. I did and told him I'd had a fun time meeting him and he said the same, so I'm guessing there will be a date #2 at some point next week.

I texted Miranda after the date and processed some. She's challenged me to not sleep with him for several more dates! I said since he's waited 2 years, he can probably wait 2 more dates. I really like him. He's cute, funny, and a really interesting guy. He's got a bad boy aspect, but is mostly a good guy. I am really attracted to him, but not in the way I was when I first met Gavin and Owen. Miranda says it will come, so I'm giving it those 2 more dates to see. I can sense that chemistry is there, but it wasn't that immediate need to rip his clothes off kind, which could be a good thing.


  1. Great sex then a great date? Sounds so awesome. You've inspired me to use my toy while having anal sex. That's my goal for the weekend!

  2. I definitely recommend it. We do it all the time and it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!