Friday, July 23, 2010

The Universe Is Out to Get Me!

What in the universe is going on? This week has already been all sorts of crazy from the Sunday debacle to crushing College Crush to my “community health” issue. I mean really? The planets must be so out of alignment!

Last night continued in the vein of crazy. I was chilling out, watching TV, playing on the computer, and yes, checking my PoF account when all sorts of crazy things started happening.

First, not crazy but actually a good thing, a guy I’ve been talking too finally made the move to ask me out. He’s 38, divorced, a couple of kids, cute, a little country, and most excitingly seemingly well off. He owns three companies – a construction company, a printing company, and a security company. Interesting, very interesting….we’re supposed to meet up next week after the kids go back to Duckie. Maybe I’ve found my Sugar Daddy? LOL!

Then I was exchanging messages with this other guy who was really cute. We bantered back and forth for a while and he clearly passed all the crazy tests so when he asked if he could friend me on Facebook I agreed. I accepted his friend request and then signed off for a bit.

About this time guess who started Im’ing me…. FJB! Yes! What in the world? I mentioned earlier this week he still Facebooks with me but he hasn’t answered the few emails I’ve sent him directly. The last one I sent him I told him he was weird because he’s Facebook with me all day long but would never email me back. So FJB pops up and we spent like two hours chatting. He was asking all sorts of stuff about guys I’ve been dating and telling me about his disastrous dates. FYI – to date I’m still the only girl who has gotten past date #2 with him; he’s fucking picky as hell. We talk about all kinds of crazy stuff and actually had a really good conversation. At times the conversation felt like maybe he was trying to feel me out about going out again but who knows. I told him he has issues and he countered by saying I had a boatload of issues. Maybe I do but I’m still not as crazy as all these boys! This conversation was so out of the blue! I mean really! I wonder if he’s going to go back into hibernation now.

As FJB and I wrapped up our conversation the cute guy I’d been talking with sent me a couple messages through Facebook. Turns out he knows my mom, and not just knows her, he works in the same freaking department as her! WTF!!!!!! And even crazier, he was at my dad’s funeral and remembers hearing me speak at it. I remember meeting all these people from my mom’s work and I bet we actually even met. How weird is that shit? When I talked to my mom today I debated on telling her about that but decided to hold off to see if he actually asks me out first.

Then this morning when I dropped Leo off at day camp, his super hot day camp director started chatting me up. Now please note I looked totally gross and greasy. I skipped out on work today to get a day of pool time in so my hair was a mess and I had thrown on the most random sundress I have. No make up on whatsoever. Least normally he seems me dressed for work. This guy is HOT! He looks a lot like H3 (remember him) only hotter! We talked and flirted for a few minutes before the realization of what I looked like dawned on me and then I jetted quickly. Sadly he will only be there one more week but I may have to take a little extra time in the mornings to chat him up when I drop off Leo.

Please note all of this is much to Gwyn’s dismay lol. She says I’m broadcasting some sort of signal and I need to find a way to turn it off. I think it’s too ingrained in me at this point lol.

What a crazy freaking week! Good thing I have the kids for 7 days which keeps me on lockdown. The universe is really messing with me!



  1. ROFL - I told you it's Saturn and your broadcasting signals are your pheromones. I'm telling you it's a powerful thing. I think mine are heightened when I get laid more, which is just a vicious cycle. :)

  2. You don't think your mom knows you use POF and set this guy up to chat you up, do you? Hmmm...