Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old, Alone, and Riddled with Cancer

I know I've been a blogging fiend these past few days, but I've had some funny stuff to share. This one made me almost wreck my car. I was talking to my Mama yesterday on the way around the island. My mama is one of the best story tellers in the universe. She's a very funny woman and her spin on things almost always leaves me in peels of laughter. Yesterday she was talking about my grandmother and my cousin. My cousin is 26 years old and is dating a guy that is 29 years old. He's in the military and they have been dating for about 6-9 months now. My grandparents are old school Georgia. Currently my cousin is in Europe with this boyfriend on vacation. My grandfather is convinced this is his way of test driving their relationship to see if they enjoy 2 weeks together on vacation before coming back to ask her to marry him, or take their relationship to the next level as my grandfather phrased it. My grandparents were talking to my mother about this the day before at her house when she tells me that as soon as my grandfather expressed this sentiment and my mother said he was nuts, my grandmother launches into a story that she's told my cousin as well about a lady that she went to high school with back in the 1940s that never married and recently died old, alone, and "riddled with cancer" having no one to take care of her affairs. My grandmother thought this cautionary tale would motivate my cousin to want to move things along as well because clearly in the South if you are over 23 and unmarried you are essentially an Old Maid and just waiting to become the neighborhood's crazy old cat lady. I questioned my mother on why she thought my grandmother had not thought to share this cautionary tale with her soon be divorced other granddaughter and we decided it's because I have Chloe, so she knows someone will be around to take care of my affairs. Classic story...almost as good as asking how will I eat once I no longer live with Russell.
PS Andy 26 flew in last night at 4:30pm and emailed me tonight at 7:45pm...I love it. We're hanging out later this week. He wanted to do something tonight, but I'm too tired from my sleepover. A girl needs her rest sometimes in between the boys.

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  1. Hilarious story. Though I'm starting to think I'll end up old, alone, and riddled with cancer (skin cancer that is after this summer of tanning) LOL! I might be just what I deserve and just want I want!