Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have Mercy on Me

Last night was date number two with IT and well, he is the shit. Big time. Like overwhelmingly Miranda’s in trouble shit.

We had texted some during the day and made plans to meet up for drinks and dinner. I was feeling my work outfit was severely un-date worthy so I had to do a little mad dash after work shopping. I’ll be honest, I did bring an overnight bag with a “work” outfit for the next day, and ultimately that’s what I ended up wearing. Though I did buy a super cute bathing suit, which came in handy later in the date…

We met at this “upscale” restaurant and ended up just sitting at the bar and talking for several hours and several glasses of wine. We kept talking about ordering food but we never managed to get around to it. He was impressed with my choice of wine though! I had told Gwyn earlier in the day I was having a complex about dating IT. He just seems like such a grown up compared to all the other guys I’ve dated and hell even compared to me. I feel like I should be dressing nicer, reading intellectual novels, staying up on world affairs, etc. So IT being impressed and liking the wine I chose was pretty gratifying I’m not going to lie.

While we were at the restaurant, people kept coming up to say hello to IT. He knows everyone! It was pretty hot to feel like I was out with someone who was “known” in the community I’ll admit. Eventually it was getting a little later and even though we didn’t manage to actually eat any real food, we opted to buy a bottle of wine to go and headed back to his place to sit in his hot tub (thank heavens I bought that bathing suit!).

IT has a nice house! It’s an interesting mix of bachelor pad and grown up man house. At this point in the evening, we hadn’t even kissed still and it was killing me. There was lots of leg touching and casual flirty touches but no kiss yet! During this part of the night, I did manage to get a photo of IT, which was critical because neither Gwyn nor Jules had seen him and they were very curious. I had a little half-drunken texting thing with Jules and Josie, which made me laugh hysterically. At one point IT took my phone and started reading my messages and he now thinks we are all a bunch of crazy girls.

After a while, we changed into our bathing suits and headed to the hot tub. We talked a ton more, drank more wine, and finally got to the kissing! Kissing of course turned into something else and what ensued next was a crazy, out of control, hot, hot, hot three hour sex marathon. Yes – 3 hours straight, no break, no breather, no time outs! OMG! I have no words. We did some crazy stuff, stuff I’ve never done with anyone else. Remember earlier this week Jules was talking about a man who just takes control, well IT is definitely that kind of guy. Full on, in control, in charge. It makes sex so much hotter when a guy is like that! The sex was really outstanding, easily the best I’ve ever had in my life.

Eventually we collapsed and feel asleep. Waking up this morning, deliciously sore, with his arms around me and his tiny cute little dog (who is maybe the most adorable dog ever) curled up on my other side was pretty freaking awesome. I really like this guy, like “like” this guy a lot. A scary lot!

I don’t know where it’s going. We’ve both been pretty candid about not wanting to rush in to anything and taking it just one day at a time. I know I totally blew my 4-date rule but I just couldn’t help it. The chemistry was killing me last night. Today, I’m so freaking sore in every muscle in my body. I feel like I ran a marathon! One of my legs may actually be broken but damn was it worth it.

I have a sneaking suspicion Team Miranda's about to get chopped down to just one MVP…


PS – Last night when I was texting Jules, IT wanted to know who I was texting so I was telling him about Jules and my recent trip out to Hawaii. Later on in the night, after some special “favors,” he did say he’d take me to Hawaii soon! HAHAHAH! Oh and we talked in some detail about his job and he makes serious bank! Big time!


  1. Impressed!!! Have you Googled him yet? He sounds like he's worth scaling down the team, that's for sure...

  2. Oooh, Miranda and IT, sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n... Wait a miunte! Damn girl stop giving it up so early! LOL

  3. Mia - I totally have web stalked him! Due to his job in IT security, there's not much out there on him but I did see a bunch of his race times (he's a runner) and I found his house and all the details on it thanks to the county real estate records!

    Short Girl - My only excuse is that I was a starving woman for so long that now I can't back away from the buffet! That being said, I'm seriously considering this whole idea of sexual monogamy. I might not agree to be someone's girlfriend but I might agree to an exclusive booty buddy relationship!


  4. well... it beats Chlamydia hands down, let me tell ya! LOL

  5. There is something nice about sexual monogamy - you get the benefits of incredible sex and intimacy without the emotional cycles/dependence.