Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smell You

I finally asked Russell the other day if I have a certain smell. You guys may remember how Chile smelled me during our times together and how much it creeped me out. He would literally put his nose to me and inhale. I’m not talking graphic stuff either, I mean he would do this on my back and neck. If you have never had anyone do this to you, let me assure you it’s strange. Canada talks frequently about my smell too (of which Russell denies every really noticing but admits he has a horrible sense of smell as well). Canada smells me too, but in a much less dramatic fashion than Chile and in a way that I can deal with due to his covert way about doing it. It’s still strange hearing someone talk about it though and he does a lot. It reminds me of that perfume, Realm. Remember that from the late 90s? It was this perfume that supposedly interacted with your pheromones to send out your aroma into the world. I’m thinking I don’t need their product.



  1. I think we all definitely have a scent. Go smell your pillow. That's what you smell like. This is so random and weird sounding! But really. One of my BFFs from college, she was the first person I ever noticed having a scent. For a long time I just thought it was her clothes detergent or lotion or whatever but one day I was laying on her bed and realized I could smell it and she wasn't even near me. It was in her pillow. Makes sense considering how much time you spend laying on it. OMG this sounds so freakishly weird! Anyways, go smell your pillow lol!


  2. My hubby definitely has a sent- and it drives me CRAZY! It was one of the things that sent me head over heels for him in the first place. His pheremones must be specially designed for me or something. I used to steal his shirts when I visited him so I could take his scent back with me. :) So maybe I understand Chile a little bit- but he's still crazy. LOL