Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've Gotta Feeling

So I think I have to do something about College Crush. Night before last we were texting some and I asked about our plans to hang out this weekend because last week when he was all made at me for the Sunday debacle he said those plans were on “hiatus.” Well he still wants to hang out.

He’s definitely thawed out the last few days. I think I have to have the “talk” with him about where my head is at finally. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to any of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time that he’s not one of the top MVPs on my team. I’ve really been trying to cut back the amount of texting we do just to keep things realistic with him.

This morning as I was driving to work I was thinking about what to do about this weekend and wondering (though I really knew the answer) if I could just let him assume we were on and then cancel on him if something better came along. I had to ask myself who would be the something that would come along and have me cancel on him and it’s IT, Flyboy, or Lawyer Boy. College Crush is a distant fourth to those guys already. And that’s just bad. It’s not the right thing to do.

Clearly, based on his reaction last week to the Sunday debacle, he’s in this “relationship” a lot deeper than I am and if he was just some guy in passing, I might let it ride but he and I were friends first. Ugh, I’m dreading this conversation. I don’t even know what to say or how to say it. Any suggestions?

Miscellaneous Updates:
IT and I texted quite a bit last night, probably too much. I’m trying to play it cool here. I don’t want to let this one slip away! I’m really hoping we will be hanging out tomorrow since that starts my next childfree week! In an extremely boring meeting today I caught myself day dreaming about him taking me shopping a’la Pretty Woman. Is that bad?

Motorcycle Man texted me today and invited me to dinner tomorrow night and out to spend the night at his house. Practicing my newfound ability to say “no” to things I really don’t want (thanks Gwyn) I told him no and that it just wasn’t convenient to spend a weeknight all the way out at his house. Haven’t heard from him since.

Today’s the day of the Bar Exam! Lawyer Boy should be done with it by now. Now we just have to wait and see where it goes with him from here on out. I’m very skeptical that anything will change but historically (when we first started dating) he was much more attentive and we saw each other much more frequently.

Flyboy’s back in the state but I haven’t really had a chance to talk to him much other than over the weekend. I had told him a little about mine and Gwyn’s philosophy of hating guns but finding a man with a gun incredibly hot. He started putting up pics on Facebook of him in uniform with an array of guns. I told him he was driving me crazy and who would have ever guessed Facebook would provide with me with such porn!

Other Boys – Nothing really to report. I’m trying to just focus on a few boys for a change. Ok that statement made me laugh re-reading this post and realizing that I’m still trying to juggle five different guys. The rich guy I mentioned last week has said several times he wants to take me out but we haven’t set a date yet. Some of the other guys on PoF I just got tired of talking and talking and talking with so if they haven’t already indicated some interest in us going out, I’ve quit talking to them.

Last but not least, exciting Duckie news! We’ve still been getting along really well which has been incredibly nice but makes me very wary. From nefarious means, I do get information on his private life, which makes me laugh. I know of a girl he’s gone out with and things must be going well because he sent her flowers yesterday. Maybe he finally hit it? HA!

Maybe I need to send her flowers because whatever she’s doing, it’s making my life a hell of a lot easier. And, I do really, really, really want him to be happy and move on. But hell, if he remarries before our alimony agreement runs out, I’m damn sure going to try to fight like hell to not have to pay the rest of it!



  1. I think it's time to tell CC the real deal. That's my 2 cents. I'd just be honest. Plus, IT sounds rocking!

  2. I second Jules' comment. Quality over quantity! Besides, dropping CC makes you more available for IT, unless LB steps it up, or MM, but I sense interest in him is waning... and I don't know who FB is (yet - still catching up) - whew! Try reading that sentence out loud fast! Enough initials, ya think?

  3. Mia - ha! We say all the time we need some sort of flow chart to keep up with all the boys. For us, it's even more confusing because we alternately use their real names and their blog names. For someone evesdropping on mine, Jules, or Gwyn's conversations they'd be so confused!

    BTW - FJB (Fake Jewish Boy) is a guy I dated a few times late in the spring. I really liked him a lot and then he got all weird and freaked out and blamed "trust" issues of his own and sort of dissapeared. He's the "one that got away" in my dating life lol.