Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breathlessly Waiting

Just a quick update. Still no word on the test results. Hopefully they will come in today and hopefully they will be all clear. In the event they are not and I have to make some phone call to past and present team members, I have crafted a stunningly devious script that will imply that I'm calling to tell said boy that I'm "in the family way" only to reveal at the last second that it's just an STD alert. Gwyn and I had quite a laugh at that last night. Maybe they will feel so relieved to not be my Baby Daddy that it will be no big deal. That being said, I'm still hoping and praying for a negative test result.

Elsewhere in my world, College Crush and I have been texting though it was mighty slow and distant until last night. Guess he's still punishing me. Motorcycle Man is texting up a storm; it's like we never even missed a beat. I officially gave Nerd Boy the heave ho yesterday via text telling him he was lovely and all but reminded me way too much of my ex. He took it quite well and suggested that I keep him number "in my little black book" in case I ever wanted an evening out on the town. I'll bet you $50 right now Nerd Boy actually owns a little black book that he keeps his numbers in LOL! Flyboy is at home in Maryland so he's out of commission at the moment.  Since SoCo went loco (thanks for that gem Josie), I'm not communicating with him at all and I'm leaving Lawyer Boy alone as these are the final few days before the Bar exam and I know he has not one iota of attention span for me at the moment. Though I will send him a cheery good luck text the day before the exam.

The other guys I've been evaluating on POF are all still around but annoying me because they are being too slow to move things to the next level. Though there is a new guy who is not as hot as some of the others but he does own three different businesses. Maybe I'll find a sugar daddy after all....


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