Monday, July 26, 2010


O-M-G. Just had lunch with the cute guy from the bar (forever to be known at IT). It was awesome! I’m in a full-blown swoon at the moment.

About 10 or so I texted him to ask how his run was (remember he’s a hardcore runner) and he replied and asked what my lunch plans were. I told him I didn’t have any plans and he texted back “Well now you do.” So hot! LOL! So we texted a couple more times to work out the details and then I started having heart palpitations. I mean he’s a full grown, badass, absolutely secure in his place in the world man. A MAN. A man like no other I’ve gone out with. I started to freak out a little too because I didn’t really get to see how tall he was the other night at the club and you know I have height issues.

So I slapped on some extra make up (thank heavens I started carrying a full contingent of make up in my purse a few months ago) and headed off to meet him at lunchtime. I managed to get there first which is crazy because every single date I’ve had since I moved out I end up being the second one there and I hate that. Feels like the balance of power is off when you’re walking in second.

I sat there nervously waiting and I glanced up to see him walking in and OMG, not only is he every bit as cute as I remember but he was tall! 6’3 to be exact! And he was wearing a shirt, tie, and Prada freaking sunglasses! Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Thank heavens we were doing lunch and not dinner because if drinking was involved, I could have been in a whole lot of trouble. Plus, I think in light of recent health developments I’m back in the 3-4 dates first rule, least that what I’m aiming for. I may only have to go out with him on lunch dates until we break the 4 date barrier just in case haha!

So we walked to our table with me silently girly squealing inside and wishing I had mental telepathy with Jules and Gwyn so they could hear how excited I was. We sat down, talked a little, and then ordered. IT didn’t even order off the menu, he just told the server what he wanted and she hopped right on it. He’s just that secure and sure of himself. So we talked and laughed and ate. Spent like two freaking hours at lunch.

IT is a really easy person to talk to. He’s clearly very educated and smart but he has this Bill Clinton-esque “down home” thing that just makes you totally comfortable. He asked questions about me and Duckie and told me about his family. We talked about some of his past relationships including his last real girlfriend who wanted a Maltese (they cost around $1500) and she gave it back to him when they broke up. So here’s this huge guy walking a 5-pound white Maltese named none other than Sugar, and he says he’s totally spoiled the dog and loves it to death now. Too funny!

We talked about places we’ve gone and places we want to go. IT mentioned he’s going to take a vacation in a few weeks, maybe to Europe. If I’d had one of those little cartoon bubbles that popped over my head you would have seen me thinking, “Damn I want to go to Europe. And hell yeah my passport is up to date!”

We had this running joke about him being so awesome that he didn’t even have to try to meet girls because he didn’t have to do anything but smile to get my number and at one point I said something to the effect of yeah I guess you are pretty awesome after all. He laughed and said “Now see, I can’t ever tell if you’re being serious or not.” I said, “Actually I am being serious” and gave him a little wink and hell if he didn’t smile real big and then blush. It was quite funny. Of course then I had to duck my face like a teenager LOL!

So eventually I had to call it to an end to get back to work and I started to do the fake offer to pay the bill and he said don’t worry about it, I got it. I did manage to sneak a peak at the bill and it was $60 just for lunch! And he left a $20 tip! As a former waitress, I so approve of that tip!

We walked outside and stood talking for a few minutes in an empty parking spot. We were doing the little fun awkward end of date shuffle where you’re trying to figure out if you’re going to kiss or not and damn if a stupid car didn’t come and want that spot and bust up the awkward shuffle! We ended the date with a hug and he said he wanted to see me again soon.

I’m in a full-blown girly swoon right now. Trying not to get my hopes up because every person has some flaw but damn if I can find one right now. Not a single red flag in sight at the moment. IT seems like a real catch! Enough of one that if all keeps going well, I just may let myself be caught!


PS - Just so you know, the end of date hug involved no pelvis to pelvis touching but I did totally press my boobs into his chest! HA!


  1. Uh-oh... are you in danger of having a BOYFRIEND?! He sounds good so far, better keep us informed LOL

  2. Way to go! I'm excited for you, you definitely made me feel like I was there, I would have been sitting two tables away, giving you the thumbs up sign! Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. Damn, you're on a roll, aren't you ;-)

    This one sounds like he's got major potential. I'm thinking LB needs to hurry and finish his Bar Exam before he gets knocked off his perch :-P

  4. Short Girl - yeah big danger! most potential of any boy thus far!

    Mia - I could hardly stand it. I felt like I was in a dream! lol!

    Diner - You're spot on! Tomorrow's the bar exam so we'll see how things change with LB!

  5. Awww (girly squeal for you), he sounds great!!
    Does he have a brother in HI?