Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pucker Up

With all the kissing I’ve been doing lately it’s been making me ponder. Kissing is really an odd thing in and of itself. In some ways it seems more intimate than actual sex. And everyone kisses so different! I thought it would be fun to do a little trip down memory lane and share with you some of the kissing styles I’ve encountered. For the record, I think there’s just the right mix of tongue and lip action. Wet but not too wet. I love when it starts out with just gentle lip kisses and a guy rubs his lips over mine before progressing to full on tongue kissing. And the best kisses go back and forth between just lips and full tongue along with well timed breaks when a guy kisses down my jaw to my ear or neck. I also love love love when a guy touches my face when we kiss or puts his hands in my hair.

Lawyer Boy was an interesting kisser. He didn’t use a lot of tongue but there was a lot of lip kissing and lip biting/sucking. As ADD as he was I expected him to be all over the place but he really wasn’t.

Flyboy – Mmmmmm Flyboy. I swear I can’t think of him without a quiver going down my back. He was easily the best kisser ever. And these lips have kissed a lot of boys! He definitely employed all my favorite techniques listed above. He was aggressive in his kissing in a way that made me feel like he wanted to “own” me and he was just so freaking hot! I’m going to have to take a moment here and enjoy the memory……………..I need another moment………………….One more……………… Ok. I’m better now.

Braceface was an awful kisser. My only excuse for going back and kissing him more than once was that I was drunk a lot last summer. Ha! He was a total limp dishrag kisser. I swear he just put his tongue in my mouth and laid it there. Maybe it was the braces, maybe he just can’t kiss. It was not impressive at all.

FJB was a good kisser though maybe I was just so nuts for him it swayed my opinion. Being an engineer he was pretty precise about how we kissed and it never got wet and sloppy and out of control. Even in our hottest moments he was very much in control and he never got carried away. It was measured – the more I think about it the more that seems like a bad thing.

Sawyer was a fast kisser. He almost always had one hand buried in my hair and would pull my head back to kiss down my throat. He always moved his tongue in circles – fast. I often felt like I was in a tongue race with him. And he used to bite my lower lip a lot. It always made me worry that my bottom lip would be swollen and someone would notice.

SoCo was a slow kisser. I had the hardest time adjusting to his style. I always felt like I was going faster than he was. And he was not willing to budge at all with his style. I remember a couple times he told me I was being too aggressive with my tongue– HA! Yeah, this is the same guy who wanted me to bite his cock. Ok SoCo!

McQueen is a good kisser but he’s a wet kisser. I think that’s in no small part due him having big lips. He had a good break down between tongue and lip action along with lots of delicious little bites. And there were definitely moments of face soakage where I felt like I needed to wipe my face, but in a good way lol.

The Ginger was tentative. He started out more like he wasn’t sure how far to put his tongue in my mouth that makes sense lol. He did get better after a little bit though. Maybe his lack of confidence in his kissing abilities is what took him so long to kiss me in the first place?

Motorcycle Man is a decent kisser. He does a lot of lip kissing and not as much tongue, which isn’t all bad. He’s got a needy quality to his kissing though if you can imagine that. Like I almost feel like he’s trying to draw me in, which I guess he is since he sent me this message out of the blue last night – “Think I could fall in love if you’d just let me.” HAHAHA! He’s persistent if nothing else. The message is even funnier because we haven’t hardly talked or texted or anything since we had dinner last week.

Sarge is a good kisser. Just enough tongue. Just enough lip action. He needs more evaluation lol. But he did bring up a size issues I’ve been having. Not it’s not that Sarge is only a couple inches taller than me (though that is a legit issue in my book) it’s that all these guys lately, Sarge included, don’t even come close to feeling physically the same as Coach.

I’m not talking emotions here but actual physical size. Coach is a freaking linebacker, like you see him and you immediately think football player. Giant shoulders, arms, barrel chest, and he’s topping 6’4. He’s a big freaking guy which I find very hot. He was a great kisser on top of that. Our kissing styles matched from day one.

So every time I have been with the Ginger (6’6 and average build), McQueen (6’2 and thin but he has muscles), Sarge (5’9 and thinner with muscles) they just don’t feel right. I noticed this both with McQueen and Sarge that we’d be kissing and I’d put my arms around them or touch their face/head and they just felt SMALL! And they’re really not! I’m just so conditioned to Coach still that everyone else feels tiny when they are normal. It’s like I have reverse body dysmorphic disorder.

I’ll admit I really miss kissing Coach. As I’ve been jumping up and down on the Jules train trying to keep her strong and away from Gavin, it’s still a fight for me every day not to get back with Coach. I’m certainly doing my best to move on and all his flaws and major missteps are in my face every step of the way but it’s still hard. In Jules’ last post where she likened Gavin to being her drug addiction I thought that was a perfect analogy for me and Coach too. And I think that is a lot of the reason why all these guys I’ve been seeing aren’t really going anywhere. Like I’m subliminally putting out there that I am not ready to get attached, though obviously Motorcycle Man’s radar is saying, “Get her while she’s weak!”


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