Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making Up for Lost Time

Miranda’s been a busy girl.  Date with McQueen Saturday night – kissing threshold breeched! 
New job Monday-Tuesday– zonked and overwhelmed by new info but loving every minute of the new job so far and not just because my boss is  going to get me an iPhone!  I want to give Sarge props here because Monday, aside from the girls and my family, he was the only guy in my life to wish me good luck that morning and tell me I was going to be great at my new job.  Awwww J
Tuesday night I also threw Motorcycle Man a bone and had dinner with him.  The 411 on Motorcycle Man – he’s a guy I dated off and on last summer. Very sweet and very redneck but he actually has a brain.  He’s lots of fun to talk to.  He’s mid 40s (45 I think), had a great body, and has a huge cock. One of the biggest I’ve seen.  He’s got both length and girth going on. 
Enough about that though, last spring/summer we dated off and on and he really liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend.  Unfortunately for him, I just wasn’t in that place yet plus he lives like 45 minutes away and that’s just a lot to deal with.  We’d date for a few weeks then he’d get mad/jealous/possessive and cut out for a while only to come back.  He might be the original boomerang boy. 
So after randomly running into him at lunch on my last day at the old job, he started texting me/calling me a fair amount.  Why do guys keep girls’ numbers forever?  I mean once I’ve finally cut the ties I tend to delete people out of my phone.  I digress, so I agreed to meet him for dinner Tuesday night – as friends. I was very clear about that.
We had a great dinner. Motorcycle Man is always fun to be around and he’s a surprisingly good conversationalist.  He was campaigning hard though to get back on Team Miranda.  Telling me how he’d “grown up” and “matured.” Ha!  He also told me he had unfriended me on Facebook this spring because he got jealous seeing Coach post on my page. Too funny! 
Afterwards he walked me to my car and told me how glad he was to see me and that he thought us randomly running into each other was a good sign.  I did let him kiss me goodbye but it was just a pop kiss lol.  It’s kind of a weird situation because there’s chemistry there and we get along great and the sex was really good, but it’s so not a long term thing I can see. 
I do this really stupid, girly thing every time I date a guy. I try to imagine what it would be like to be married to them. To think of how things would be five years down the road. Not because I want to marry the people right off the bat but just to get a gauge on where I see our lives fitting together.  With Motorcycle Man, I just don’t see it.  I can see dating him for a while and having fun but I can’t ever imagine wanting to take it to the next level because at the end of the day, we just don’t fit into each other’s lives very well.  It’s a very strange situation to navigate
On to Wednesday, work and exhausted brain again.  Met some of the girls for wine night after work and had a blast before a spontaneously planned date with Sarge!  We just hung out at his house for a couple hours (and drank more wine lol) and I’m very pleased to report that:
  • Sarge is even better looking in person.
  • We had great, fun conversation.
  • Chemistry between us was hot and he took advantage of it and kissed the hell out of me.
  • I copped a feel and “little Sarge” is rather large and in charge. HA!
  • And last but not least, a mostly drunk Miranda managed to let things get a little physical but she maintained her new decorum and kept her pants (well dress) on!
We did talk quite a bit and he was not at all hesitant to breech the physical barrier.  We were sitting side by side on his couch and he would reach out and touch my arm or leg or whatever while we were talking.  One time he brushed my hair out of my face (hot move – boys file that one away and bust it out sometime).  And when the moment was right he moved right in and kissed me greatly! 
Between talking and kissing things did progress a little bit but no clothing was removed at any point!  I managed to actually not have sex – HA!  And he was testing his limits but he was a gentleman all in all. Though I will say it was mighty tempting to take things further and if he’d really tried to persuade me he probably could have.  But my resolve to not jump into bed with anyone before things get more serious is standing firm.  Let’s just hope I can keep it up!
Obviously today is working but tonight I’m going home and crashing. I’m wiped out between juggling Team Miranda and the new job!
PS After writing this I had to lol at all the kissing this week since just a few weeks ago I was dying to be kissed. Guess I'm making up for lost time.


  1. I think Sarge sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you guys get to hang out again very soon!

  2. "little sarge"? That's so cute. Love that nickname!