Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sex Toy Review Time

Thanks to Carolina, Jules and I are in the sex toy review plan!  Whoo-hoo! Who could complain about free sex toys, well except for maybe Gwyn. We really got to get that girl on the sex toy train!

Thanks to the wonderful Eden Fantasys, seriously check it out – there’s something for everyone on there – I am the proud owner of my third vibrator.  It’s a Velvet Touch Vibrator in lovely rose pink.

It’s slim and amazingly powerful.  Great for someone trying out sex toys for the first time or just a fun one to add to your collection.  Made of plastic, the Velvet Touch Vibrator feels more like velvet – hence the name.  It’s thin, maybe slightly larger than the diameter of a quarter but a hearty 7 inches long. 

The power in this thing is incredible.  If you jacked up the power all the way it would buzz your clit right off!  Since I’m currently sans sex partner I’ve tried it out myself a couple of times and had pleasant results.  When I’m taking matters into my own hands, I tend to focus more on the outside than the inside if you catch my drift.  I think this vibrator is a little slim for as the eloquent Jules would say “kitty action” but my imagination has run wild with using this long, slim, and powerful gadget for some backdoor DP action with a future partner. 

Between the slim shaft and the crazy powerful vibrations I can just imagine being blindfolded with my hands restrained behind my back. Bent over my bed with my ass in the air at the mercy of my man.  He warms me up with a few nice smacks to my ass, rubbing his hands over and between my legs.  Teasing me, taunting me, feeling me get more and more excited.  He slowly starts to slide into me and he reaches over to pick up my fabulous velvet touch vibrator and lubes it up.  He turns it on and I freeze at the sound and think to myself, "Tonight is so going to be a good night."...Shew it is hot in here or just my overactive non getting laid self?

My only complaint, and I feel like such a hack for even complaining, is it’s a little on the loud side.  I’m thinking I only notice its volume more because my other vibrators are made from more rubber type material so it dulls the noise more naturally.  That being said, this sucker at a very affordable $12.99 is every bit and maybe even more powerful than my more expensive vibrators. And on top of that it's waterproof!

Thank you Kayla and Eden Fantasy for my new fun Velvet Touch Vibrator!  Also, thanks  Carolina for helping us get into this!

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