Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Things Never Change

I’m T-1.5 hours till I’m done with my crazy work place and I’ll be transported to the land of (hopefully) hot doctors starting Monday.  I’m ready.  I’m so over all these crazy women and insane men making bad decisions.  Though today when I had my “goodbye” meeting with mine and Gwyn’s boss he actually choked up and got teary eyed about me leaving.  I guess the Tin Man may have a heart after all, even if it’s hidden under a big sodden pile of bullshit. 

McQueen is hot on it again.  It’s such a weird little cycle with him but the attention is flattering.  He asked me to dinner tonight but I have the kids.  So goes the story of Miranda and McQueen.  I have to give it to him though; I really enjoy talking with him.  He’s a great bullshitter so that always makes the conversation fun and he’s a really intelligent guy so he actually has worthwhile things to say.

The Ginger is here and there.  He tells me all the time how stressed he is about his kids and his job.  How he feels guilty when he takes time for himself.  And more about more about his ex and the drama he has with her.  I’m starting to see a lot of red flags but I will admit that I damn sure wanted to see if I could get him to say Oh Boy again just for the humor!

Sarge is still large and in charge.  We talk/text every day at least a little.  I am excited to see if we still have the chemistry when we go out next week.  I still wish he were taller though!

Coach is finally out of the hospital and he's been holding the reins pretty well at the casual texting thing. Probably because I only answer about one out of every five he sends me.  

And last but not least, today of all the people to run into at lunch I saw Motorcycle Man!  Talk about a blast from the past!  We just spoke briefly and then before I could even get back to work he was texting me.  And asking me out!  Ha!  Some things never change…


PS - Ever have one of those moments where you realize you're really, truly happy? I had one of those yesterday driving from work to pick up the kids.  The windows were down, the breeze was blowing my hair around, the sun was warm on my face and I was singing along to the radio when it hit me. It was a good feeling and a much needed one!


  1. Sounds like exciting times ahead! I wish you the best!

  2. I am thrilled to hear how happy you are! I'm very excited about McQueen and Sarge...I think they have a lot of potential. The Ginger strikes me as a wishy washy, whiny baby.