Sunday, October 9, 2011


Friday night I took the kids to see a friend’s band play again and to provide my friend D Meeting new people, listening and dancing to music, just hanging out.  Everyone in the place commented at one time or another how awesome my kids were.  Also it was incredibly funny that at one point Ladybug was working all the guys there and getting them to give her and Leo quarters and dollars for the vending machine.  Like mother like daughter!

While we were there, my friend D and I were lamenting that since Duckie and I had flipped our schedules a couple months ago we hardly ever get to hang out (right now our kids are on opposite weeks.)  I told her I would talk to Duckie and see if he’d switch back and weirdly enough, about the time we were leaving from the restaurant he texted me asking me if I was open to switching our weeks back.  Weird!  So we got it worked out quickly and things will be back on track which will hopefully get my social life straightened out.  I swear since we switched weeks I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to turn down people wanting to do stuff. 

Saturday was spent with my mom and the kids at this Renaissance Faire thing.  I wasn’t honestly looking all that forward to it but it’s something my mom loves to do so I was being the good daughter.  I ended up having a really fun time all in all and I did something very cool there – I had my palm read. 

The lady didn’t ask any questions just asked me to hold out my palms and she started talking about pegged my personality to a T!  It was so cool!  She said I was really independent and probably a better off in every way as a single mom, that I would be happy working in a field like healthcare where I could make people feel better, that I was really different from the rest of my family and lived my life very separately from them.  That I had a “wide open” personality and I tended to manipulate it to fit in with whoever I was around at the moment.  That I had an old soul and I probably tended to want to be around more people who were older than me.

She also said I had two kids and I’d probably have two more kids that would be important in my life (not that I was going to have two more but just two more would become important to me).  She also said in my first marriage it wasn’t right for me, that it started out good and got bad then got better before it bottomed out (which is exactly how it was – incidentally today I also realized that was the same pattern with Coach).  But she said I had a second strong love line that showed that my “great love” was out there and that it would be smooth sailing with that person.  It was very cool all in all.

Then on our way home McQueen and I were texting some and he suggested that we hang out last night after the kids were in bed.  Good lord I haven’t seen him since I went to Hawaii so I had taken to calling him the invisible man so I agreed for him to come over about 9:30.

He got here and McQueen the invisible man was even cuter than the last time I saw him.  He greeted me with a big hug and he grabbed the sides of my face and I held my breath thinking he was going to finally kiss me but he didn’t lol.  He just looked into my eyes for a minute then hugged me again.  We hung out and talked and watched a movie for a while.  McQueen makes me realize more and more how important it is for me to be intellectually stimulated by the guy I end up with.

Towards the end of the movie we had been joking about me owing him for using this good line of conversation we had once about the difference between basketball recruiting with Duke and Carolina.  He said it to me on our first date and it was such a good argument I’ve totally bogarted it and used it like 5 times since then in other conversations.  At some point he said it was time for me to start paying my debts and then he grabbed my face again and kissed me!

Finally!  We kissed and kissed and kissed and it was good kissing.  And I was even a good girl and didn’t let it go too far lol.  He kept doing this thing where he would trace my bottom lip with his tongue and then bite it gently.  It was really good kissing!  Finally it was getting late so he headed home but not before giving me another big hug and kiss by the door. 

Who knows if McQueen will act any different now that we’ve crossed the “physical” line?  I think if we spent more time together I could start to actually like him. But actually spending time face to face seems to be his biggest downfall.  I’m still not holding my breath either way.

Tomorrow starts a new chapter in Miranda’s story with my new job! I so hope I end up dating a doctor! HA!


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