Monday, October 24, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

So besides lecturing Jules the last few days, I have to say Miranda had an awesome weekend. Definitely one of those that made me completely enjoy the absence of boys in my life and remind me how many good friends I have.

It all started Thursday with an awesome concert with my sister, her husband, and my sister in law. As it seems to occur, while I was there my phone was blowing up with texts from Grandpa Twin, College Crush, and even McQueen.

Friday was dinner with the girls and a skype date with Gwyn. It was so funny to sit and talk to her while she was on the beach in a bikini and we were all freezing wearing sweaters and jeans and boots. And McDreamy was with her and everyone kept wanting to see him and he’d sneakily edge in the side of the picture and all the girls would yell. It was like our own live version of Where’s Waldo. He was definitely a good sport, even when Gwyn sneakily turned her phone so the girls could see a full on glimpse of him. Odd moment of the night award goes to when I got a call from freaking Sawyer that he was in my neighborhood (i.e. apartment complex) and wanted to stop by. Alas I was not home and he sounded disappointed. Thank the heavens for intervening and keeping me away from home Friday night!

Saturday, I drug myself out of bed and went to a local festival with my friend D and her boyfriend (Coach’s BFF) and we had a freaking blast. I seriously think I could listen to live music nonstop. Midway through the day we ran into some people from our town. This older couple is kind of odd and different and they are both retired but make/sell moonshine. HA! So anyways we were standing there for a moment and the older woman introduces me to her daughter and tells her I used to date Coach. Note – since we broke up he’s still yet to tell anyone we’re not together. EVERY freaking time I am out I run into people asking about him and us and how we are and I am the one who has had to tell all his friends/acquaintances that we broke up. It makes for awkward and sometimes entertaining conversations.

Anyways, so she tells her daughter we used to date and the daughter shook her head and smiled. Then she said, “I knew Coach years ago when he was still married and I always thought he was a hot mess. You really dodged a bullet there girl.” My friend D and I nearly fell down in the street laughing. Coach’s BFF was less amused but even he cracked a smile. Then we progressed to drinking about 2 pm and it continued on…for the next 12 hours.

After the festival, we headed back to town to get ready for a night out with D, her boyfriend, and 3-4 of my other friends. While we were getting ready, Grandpa Twin started drunk texting me. If you remember from last summer he so cannot drunk text. He’s the one who said the famous, “I’ll hold your head in my hands and kiss your f’n mouth off.” Unfortunately he didn’t say anything too amazing other than that “U r so special to me. I was just too scared of me. Oops, I men U. Dammit I’m drunk. Nothing I say tonight counts.” HA!

I was super excited to wear my first pair of skinny jeans with some new boots I bought and we headed to bar number 1. Nothing overly exciting happened there besides a lot of drinking and silliness. We danced and cheered for the band. At one point I did look around and realize that everyone there I had legit friendships with now. Some were my friends pre-Coach but all the rest are people I met because of Coach but we’ve developed actual friendships. It definitely shook off the last vestiges of feeling like an outsider in our small town.

Later we headed to another bar where an up and coming country singer was performing. D and I danced like crazy and had a blast. When the band was done, her boyfriend took us backstage to meet the singer who was incredibly cute and probably 25 years old. We hung out in the “green room” for a while and chatted. At one point D dared me to steal something from the room and well because I was drunk and tend to do crazy things when I’ve been drinking, I agreed. I ended up stealing one of his shirts and somehow magically cramming it into my tiny clutch to smuggle it out. I wore the shirt the rest of the night like a badge of honor.

Yesterday was an indulgent day of lying on the couch and doing very little of anything that required any brainpower or energy. But I have to say, this trio of fun nights out that had little if anything to do with boys was pretty awesome and something I feel like I’m going to be replicating again very near in the future.

I’m thinking it’s time to take back my nights (and days) and focus more on me and less on them. New job, new attitude, new plan!


  1. I like the new attitude and I think some boy free time could be a very good thing for both of us!!

  2. I've been spiralling backwards catching up on all your old posts for far too long now, but I lost my place and I have to go home now so I'll leave this here:

    I'm really glad to hear everything is going so good for you. It doesn't seem like that long ago that you were talking about a dream life where you were working as a nurse (couldn't find the post though); really cool to see you made it!

    Also, it sounds great that you're finding time to be just "Miranda" - not "Miranda the Wife" or "Miranda the Mom" or "Miranda the Girlfriend" or "Miranda the Beneficial Friend;" you'll have to let me know what that's like :-)

    Just to get me caught up: I know you broke up with Coach. Did you move away at some point though? I know Gwyn is in Hawaii now, but you make the comment of feeling like an outsider in a small town, and I can't shake this feeling I've missed something.

  3. Hey Ethan! Coach and I broke up the end of July. He's been working hard to get me to let him back in but it's not happening. I still live in the same small town as him but I'm finally starting to feel like it's "my town" and not "his" if that makes sense.

    Spending so much time with his friends while we were dating, the majority of them did their best to make me feel like an outsider and like I didn't belong. Now that I'm not around them by and large, it makes a world of difference.

    BTW, feeling like just Miranda is pretty freaking great right now!