Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Full Swap with a Side of Cracked Ribs and Golden Showers

Last night, I had arranged for Gavin and I to go see this couple since he said he wanted to swing again. I met this couple at the very first party I went to with Clark and they were open to meeting Gavin and hanging out. Gavin was cool with the fact that I knew them from before and we arranged to hook up. This is a super long post, but it was a super long night with lots of good stories!

I picked him up on the way to their apt and Gavin announces that he took a Viagra from Thailand that one of his friends gave him. I was skeptical, but holy hell now I want him to have a lifetime supply. He does NOT need this product, but it just super enhanced him to beyond amazing. I was initially a little pissed with him because when I picked him up he smelled like a brewery since he had been drinking with his boys before I came. I was afraid he was going to be drunk and stupid, but he wasn’t. He was totally fun.

We get there and are hanging out in the kitchen and Gavin is super frisky because he’s drunk and because he’s taken this pill. He pulls down my dress and bra and starts playing with my tits in the middle of the kitchen and rubbing hers as well. We are playing around and Gavin picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and I feel a pop. I’m not sure if it’s bruised or cracked, but he did something to my rib when he threw me into his shoulder…ouch.  I squealed and started pounding beer for medicinal purposes and finally we started talking about rules and such. 

They are big rules discussion people. Gavin and I really have no rules. It turns out, they didn’t either other than condoms which is a given.  They asked if we wanted to do same or different room swap and Gavin said same because he likes watching me, but she wanted separate. We agreed to separate (because really we didn’t have a strong opinion) at first and then we would cum together.

I go off into a separate living area with the guy and they stayed on the couch. He’s super cute and has a very thick cock. I remembered how hard he had made me cum before and I was excited to see him again. He started kissing me and playing with me and I sucked him and then he said he couldn’t wait…he wanted to fuck me right then. He grabbed a condom and we moved around into several positions on the loveseat, but ultimately hit the floor. I got into doggie and was cumming from him in minutes. We moved into missionary with my legs wrapped around his and that started presenting some pain from the rib issue. I kept it to myself minus some winces and groans that I made sound sexual…lol.  He asked me what my favorite position is and immediately put me into it once I told him. This also was painful, but I managed to push through it for some super intense orgasms!

She came in at one point and said Gavin was ready to cum but was waiting for us. He said he wanted to play with me for just another few minutes and what was I to do but agree? She and Gavin walked back a few minutes later and she was covered in cum on her tits. She has gigantic tits, so he was in heaven. He’s definitely a breast man. They hit the shower (because she made him) and the guy and I went into the living room to resume.

He started fucking me on the ottoman and we moved back onto the floor. Finally, he was ready and jerked off the condom and shot a huge load all over my back. She and Gavin had started round 2, but as soon as he noticed I was finished, he call me over to suck him. We gave him a double blow job and then she was kind of done and let him titty fuck her until he told her to stop so he could fuck me. I got onto their couch in doggie and he pounded me while they watched us.  He told me he wanted to be in my ass and asked if it was ok. I said of course and he asked if I would suck him again afterwards. I told him I would as long as it was clean. He fucked me through several orgasms while they watched and then he announced with delight that it was clean and wanted me to finish him off with my mouth. He stood up and I got on my knees in front of him and licked and sucked him until he came all over my mouth.  They loved watching us and had moved over for a close up.

We hit the shower and here’s the part you might want to skip if you’re faint of heart because we took it to a whole new level. We are playing around in the shower and Gavin tells me that he wants to pee all over me. I told him no and he asked again and said we were in the shower, so it would instantly be off of me and then he just started. I kind of squealed and tried to move, but in the process he splashed and got it in my mouth.  

Oddly, no taste at all but the concept grossed me out. He said it was no big deal, so I said fine and pulled him in for a big ole tongue kiss. If you know anything about Gavin, you will know that this ultimately didn’t faze him one bit. He told me that he wanted me to pee on him. I said I didn’t know if I could and then I just started. He took his fingers and ran it repeatedly through my stream and licked his fingers…not kidding. We were laughing and totally cutting up and I was pretty sure they were never going to let us come back. It seems they really liked hanging out with us and totally want us back though.

We left and got into the car and Gavin announces he’s still super horny. I told him I’d fuck him more and he told me to come back to his place. I agreed since the gf has been gone so long, I’m ok being there now.  He told me that he didn’t like how loud I was cumming with the guy. I told him not to do that and he moved on…jealous much? We got to his place and he gave me the tour. It’s actually really, really nice…by far the nicest place he’s lived since I’ve known him! It was totally clean too. We ended the tour in his room and he put me onto the bed facing the mirrored closet doors and started playing with me. Within minutes, we were going at it and watching his hot body pound me in the mirror was awesome!! We both watched the entire time. God, his body is amazing!

We fucked forever…like well over an hour. He put me into every position imaginable. I came so hard, so many times it was ridiculous. I squirted all over him during sex for only the second time ever. He can make me do it with his fingers, but rarely his cock. He was totally bringing his A game. That pill was epic! He finished in my ass and we laid there talking. He told me that he guessed me being there changed our relationship and took it to a whole new level. I asked why and he said because I was in his bed. I reminded him I’ve been in his bed before and we sort of stopped that line of convo. 

He was apparently really bothered by what I said the other day about fucking the same two guys for eons and said he was worried I’m bored. I assured him that I am NOT bored and that I love fucking him. He told me he’s very happy too.  On a funny note, he told the couple that he would still hang out with me even if I had no tits and/or no pussy because he loves being around me that much. Weirdest compliment ever…

I got up to pee and he followed me to watch and brush his teeth. I’m wondering if this peeing thing will reappear as it’s not the first time he’s asked me to watch or for me to hold him while he goes and whatnot. In the shower, I’m ok with the whole golden shower thing but I don’t know that I get his fascination with it. We went back to bed and fooled around, but no more sex. He asked me to lick his ass and I did for a while. I’ve only done that once before, but since we were taking things to new levels…why not? I slept there with him until 5:30 when I got up to go home before Chloe noticed I was gone and to get 2 hours of sleep in my own bed.  As I was leaving, I passed his new roommate in the kitchen who smiled and gave me that look. He’s an older man and it was a bit awkward for me, but apparently entertaining for the guy. It seems Gavin gave him a heads up that we fuck and that when the gf is gone, I might be around. 

Today, the rib is still killing me. Thanks to Wed MD, I think it’s just bruised and there’s nothing they can do for it. Time will have to heal it and it will take about 4-6 weeks…great. It was worth it though, totally worth it!



  1. So many things to say, so many thing to comment on. I'll just leave it at you never have to worry about me threatening to kiss you again ;)


  2. You, milady, are my hero.

    And I don't mean that in the "wow, I'm sad I've never done any of that and I'm going to mask my disappointment by complimenting you" kind of way. No, I've done all that. I mean that in a "fuck yeah! That's what sex and boundary pushing is SUPPOSED to be about!" way.

    Golden showers are not typically my thing. But trying something out just because "why the fuck not?" AWESOME.

    This makes all the future Gavin stuff so much more heartbreaking though. Still... dude found a girl who was willing to explore the ends of the the world with him in bed, and he takes it for granted? To hell with the putz. Let him go back to his cycle of trying to find someone to fulfill him so he doesn't have to leave his unfulfilling girlfriend. You don't need to be in a long-term-relationship with that kind of stupid anyways.

  3. Ethan, I have missed your comments very much! Yes, he is a total "putz" for not realizing how awesome I am, but you are right in that I do NOT need to be with that kind of stupid. Despite my recent behavior, I'm far more intelligent than this. ;) -Jules