Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 1/2 Hours of Hard Core SportsFucking

That would be the length of time Gavin and I fucked around tonight...it was ON. I don't know what got into him, but he came over tonight ready to go. I think it could have been the tension between us this week. It could have been that it was just us in the house after Chloe went to bed. It could have been that he just needed to fuck the ever living hell out of me again tonight. I don't know what it was, but I know that I'm sitting here completely and totally satisfied to the point where I don't think I could cum again if I tried.

As soon as Chloe went to bed, he pulled up my skirt while we were lying on the couch and went down on me. He fingered me and licked me and made me cum. Then we went into my room and I got on my knees and sucked him until he came and then he fucked me until we both came a lot, me multiple times and him once all inside of me with absolutely no pause between his orgasms.

We went back out to the living room to watch some lame movie I rented and he immediately pulled my skirt over to look at my kitty and watch his cum drip out of me. He told me to spread my legs for him and hold my kitty and my ass apart. He started fingering me so hard and then he stopped and played with his cock. He told me to finger myself and to reach inside for his cum. I did and curled my fingers upward. He took his hand and started banging against my fingers. The result was I squirted ALL over myself. He stopped to lick me and I begged for more. I swear there is no greater physical pleasure. He was able to get me there again in the same way and then he reached over and got his fingers wet with my cum and rubbed it on his cock and told me to suck him. I did and then he wanted to lick my kitty some more and finger my ass. He was all over me in an amazing kind of way.

We went back into my bedroom and fucked and sucked and licked and came some more for another hour. It was the best version of the old us...the pre-feelings convo us, the pre-drug fight us. He was super authoritative and controlling, but in the way that I love. I gagged on his cock, something I've never done for anyone before, but I let him take me there tonight because he was bringing his A game which made me willing to go there this time.I am pleasantly depleted at this moment in a way that he's never accomplished on his own before.

As I've said I live on a small island and I'm feeling it today. Since Gavin's request for another swinging experience, I went online and started looking. He seems to need adrenaline rushes right now and I'd rather provide that in a sexual sense than in a substance related sense. Plus, I love having permission to fuck new. I mean we all know Jules doesn't need permission, but it makes it hot when they are into it. Anyway, I replied to an ad and lo and freaking behold it's the couple I met with Clark the first party I went to last spring! I'm going to bring it up to Gavin and see what he says, but I'm not sure which way he'll go on it.

The team as a whole is totally on it right now. There must be something in the stars. Owen texted me around lunch time to see if we could hook up today. I really wish we could have because that would have been three times in one week, but I had plans this afternoon. I told him that I was hiking today and didn't have child care afterwards. We may try to work out tomorrow if he's kid free and I can arrange some play time for Chloe with the neighbors, but realistically I'll probably have to wait until next week to see him. I don't know what's going on with him right now because I wait for him to share things vs. asking, but clearly something's up because his contact level has been insane (no complaints, just commenting).


  1. What is it that makes you give Gavin chance after chance after chance? I mean, you're a pretty hard core no second chances kind of girl.


  2. I've actually been thinking a lot about that this week. I think it's a lot of different factors. First of all, he's fun (when he's not using) and the sex is great. It's easy and convenient and I put zero effort into it b/c let's face it...I'm lazy in the relationship department.
    Additionally, I think it goes back to my own Daddy issues and the fact that he reminds me so much of my Dad. Both my parents have huge substance abuse issues and I feel oddly "guilty" turning my back on him even though I know that's what it will come down to in the end. There's obviously a lot more to that subject, but I'd be all Debby Downer if I went into it further.
    Did I mention the easy, great sex? That's the biggest part of it.

  3. This story is hot, hot, hot! I love that he made you squirt! And I love that he rubbed your cum on his cock and made you suck him. That's hot! Oh and the gagging is always a favorite of mine too. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Good for you, Jules!