Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Now for a Moment of Levity

Over the weekend on Plenty of Fish I got a classic message. Too good not to share. Here’s the gist of it.

From Him - Hi there. I’m NAME. I’m 42, single, and have four great kids. I know that’s a lot of kids but they are great and I have no drama with my ex, well not as much drama as others. Don't worry I'm not looking for a mom for them, they already have one, though she's not much good these days.  I’ve been divorced for over four years now and I’m looking for a nice woman who has her life in order and understands that my kids come first. Your profile is great and you seem like you’d be a lot of fun to hang out with.

This might be a deal breaker but I believe in being honest. In July I broke up with my girlfriend and needed a place to live so I moved back in with my ex-wife. I live in the basement but I’m planning to move out in a month or so and I’m going to try to take custody of my two youngest kids. The ex might fight me about child support but the kids will be better off with me. The two older kids are hers but I adopted them years ago when we were together so I don’t think I should try and take them. They're teenagers so I think they'll understand.  Oh, I’m a truck driver too and do construction on the side so my schedule is all over the place.

Do you think that’s too much to handle while we get to know one another over the next few weeks?

My reply: Yes I do. Good luck though!

Honestly no exaggeration there. My ability to attract gimps with drama is reaching epic proportions these days.



  1. This gave me a MUCH needed fit of laughter...OMG.

  2. He doesn't need a girlfriend, he needs a nanny who happens to be a lawyer.

  3. I love how his message falls apart as he is typing it...

  4. Oh wow! Gotta love his ability to put it all out there and be honest, but his message is just plain scary!