Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Odd Bout of Domesticity

It's been pretty domestic around here this week, much like a "normal" relationship might be if I was into those. I'm not, so don't get excited/worried. Wednesday night, Gavin called me basically to tell me goodnight. We talked on the phone for a while and he said he really liked me staying over the night before. He said it feels good hanging out with me and that he doesn't think the gf would fit into his current housing situation with the new roommates at all. He said he's finally at a point where he doesn't care if she stays in CA. I like hanging out with him, but I also see where things could get problematic if she stays gone and this level of contact continues.

Thursday morning, he called because he knew I was working from home and asked me to ride to the next town with him to visit his mechanic. We got into the truck and he asked for 2 things. 1.His mechanic apparently thinks I'm hot and he wanted me to flash him my tits in order to get his work done for free. I declined, as I have in the past. 2. He wanted a blow job while he drove. I complied. His mechanic is a really nice guy. I like him a lot, but I'm not in the habit of walking into places and flashing the girls. We hung out talking shop for a while and talking shop did in fact include filling the mechanic in on our swinging night and Gavin's fantasy about fucking me in that very tool room. It's was one of those conversations men have without women present...yet I was present. Lol, it was entertaining to say the least. We went to lunch and headed home as I had laundry to finish.

I'm not the girl that does your laundry, but we have a situation here that has resolved itself with me being Gavin's laundry bitch. It's mostly a peacekeeping thing, but let me explain. He came over earlier in the week to do his clothes and almost broke our washer. Russell had a fit, so in an effort to keep the peace I told Gavin that I'll do his laundry from now on and I even did Russell's this week as a peace offering. Russell's had a rough week with Gavin around so much and Chloe being on fall break. Chloe is needy with regards to attention and it's worn Russell out and Russell is currently not drinking and lacks a coping skill to replace it. Small things have been setting him off. Once I pointed out that he was psychologically withdrawing though, he's improved. I guess knowing is half the battle.

Thursday night, Gavin took Chloe and I to see Dolphin Tale so that Russell could take my car to work and I wouldn't have to leave in the middle of the night to pick him up. (Russell's car is in the shop and I'd promised Chloe we were going that night.) Gavin totally cried all during the movie. It was hilarious. To be as hard core as he is, he is a total teddy bear with movies and such. After the movie, we came home and hung out watching TV. We had some hot sex and drank and smoked. At one point, he made a comment about our relationship getting too serious with me sleeping over and us taking the kid to the movie and all. He was smiling as he said it, but it sent me into defensive mode. I said he needed to make up his mind b/c last night he loved that I slept over and tonight he was saying it was all too much. He backtracked immediately and said he was only kidding when I told him not to let the door hit him in the ass if he was unhappy. He said he is happy. I think he is and I think it scares him.

He called me this morning and the domesticity continued. He had gone out with some friends last night and called first thing this morning to apologize for not calling last night. I chuckled and said it was fine. I'd taken Chloe on a Haunted Lagoon ride and scared the pants off of her, so she slept with me and we got home kind of late. He invited me to come over for lunch and to hang out at the beach. I brought Chloe and all the neighbor kids and we sat on the beach for a few hours. He brought me over beer and a delicious lunch he had prepared and then played with the kids in the water and flew a kite with them and such. Chloe was totally nice to him too. I think he's growing on her a little bit again. He gave her shopping money earlier in the week when she was hanging with Gwyn and frankly, cold hard cash is the way to her heart.  It was all very weird today though, especially to be doing all of this right in front of his house. We went back to the house when it started to rain and watched the kids play and he fed them some more. (Owen started sexting me in the midst of this and I have to admit, I felt a little guilty...lol. Not so guilty that I didn't have a convo, but just saying...it's was odd.)

I left to go to the Dr. this afternoon because the rib pain was worse and I was having trouble breathing. That scared me and I wanted a X ray just to be sure everything was ok and my Internet self diagnosis was accurate. It was. I found out that my ribs are just bruised, not fractured. I'm  hopped up on pain meds though, so if this post makes no sense...blame the Vicodin. Gavin and I are hanging at our own houses tonight because he's racing with his son tomorrow. I told Miranda earlier, it's amazing what a difference a week makes. Last week, I was pretty sure I was going to have to end things and this week he has been a little domestic angel. I wonder what next week will bring?!

PS I spoke too soon about him staying at his house. I posted this and settled down to eat dinner and watch Mad Men when he called. He asked what the Dr said about my ribs and then asked if I was up for company. His son was hanging out with his friends and he had free time to play with me. I said "of course" and he came over hard and ready. I had my black strappy dress on for him per his request and he came in and started playing with me. I licked him and he told me to get into doggie style. We fucked like that for quite a few orgasms and then he pulled out and put his cock into my ass. I came some more and then I blew him until he came. It was sooooo hot.

Afterward, we sat on the couch and played more. He was stroking his cock and fingering me and alternating between watching porn and watching me cum for him. We finished and I was fully engrossed in Mad Men when Chloe and the neighbors came over to ask if Chloe could stay over. I agreed and we hung out talking to them for a while. They left and he told me if I got back into doggie, he could fuck me again and I could still watch my show. LOL, I told him I would pause for him and we did it again. I love his stamina!

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