Friday, November 12, 2010

Live and Learn

Not a ton has been going in on Miranda-land. SoCo has pretty much received my undivided attention since last weekend. I did go over and hang out with him Monday night after my game. It was interesting to say the least.

I found myself actually letting go and liking him a little bit. Now that I’ve settled on the idea that he’s Mr. Right Now it was pretty easy to let go of the pressure and stress. We just chilled and watched TV for a while, football to be exact. That fact gave Jules, and Gwyn, and Josie great delight where they all repeatedly texted me and said that made SoCo my boyfriend.

We watched the game and talked and had a low key fun time. He even gave me control of his phone and let me text our mutual friends from it and pretty much do whatever. If he was a smarter guy I’d think he was trying to show that he trusted me and had nothing to hide by letting me go through his phone. As it is, I think he was just happy to have me hang out with him despite my serious dislike of football.

It started to get late and we were laying on the couch and things started to break off a little, when I implemented Gwyn’s genius plan to take back the power and I just ended our play time quickly and said I had to go. SoCo tried his best to convince me to stay the night but I held firm and got up and put my shoes on and started to leave.

He got a little bowed up (OMG his country speak is rubbing off on me) and insisted on walking me the 20 feet to my car and there he wouldn’t stop hugging me. It was really quite sweet. Finally after I promised like 20 times to text him when I got home (a whopping 5 minutes down the road) he let me leave.

I lived up to my promise and texted him when I got home. We’ve been pretty hot and heavy texting since then though he’s so far from a clinger it’s quite delightful. We haven’t seen each other since Monday night because I’ve got the kids and today I almost caught myself missing him in a very small insignificant way.

I’m letting this one ride so we’ll see how things go in the next week or so.

In other news, Monday afternoon I got hit by the Mac truck otherwise known as FJB. He finally emailed me out of the blue to say he wanted to return the dish I left at his house from the last time we had dinner together. I emailed back that he could drop it off anytime this week, but I did NOT offer to make myself available to him. Last night I worked late and who should happen to call, FJB saying he was close to my side of town and he thought he’d swing by.

I let him know I was (quite happily) ensconced at work and that he was welcome to leave it on my doorstep. He seemed almost put out by that. He said he had a few errands to run and would be by in a while. FJB also told me he’s flying up for a final interview for the job up North next week so maybe he’s going to actually move and all temptation for Miranda to be an idiot will be several hundred miles away. Thankfully I worked even later and by the time I arrived home, he’d already been by and left it for me so all FJB interaction was avoided.

Much like Jules has sworn off Clark, I’m swearing off FJB. No good can come of any interaction with him. I might even de-friend him from Facebook….


PS - Strangely I find myself with very little interest in even checking my PoF account.  College Crush isn't currently speaking to me, Hot Chocolate still tries to flirt every time I see him, and not a peep from Twin.  This sabbatical has really set things in an interesting new pattern.


  1. I need to first say, I have been drinking(i know shocker)...but if i was sober I prob wouldnt share my opinion, and wtf good is my opinion if I dont share it!!
    Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I think SoCo is a great Mr. RightNow...he seems to know your worth and how lucky he is to be with you. I mean he is a nice guy but you are a different breed of woman than he is used to.
    My only advise is to remember what I said about Sawyer " he served his purpose"...SoCo will serve his too.....have a GD ton of fun...take and give what you can, then take your next step!
    If this didnt make any sense, blame the wine!!

  2. Amen Josie! Let the unfriending begin...bye bye FJB. We deserve better!