Monday, November 22, 2010

PT BF and Sacrilege

This weekend was fairly low key, but in the BEST kind of way. Friday night, Russell went out. Bob is going to Afghanistan in January and Russell is putting himself back out there. The good thing about this is of course that it really opens up my free time alone at home, although I will say Russell and I are currently getting along really well. Anyway, Gavin called me about 30 minutes after Russell left and asked what I was doing. He said he'd seen Russell drive by his house and thought I might be alone. Upon confirmation of this, he came down for some fun. He was in rare form and was being super cute and charming. Guys, I think we have reached an understanding. He started to bitch at one point about the gf and I just totally shut him down. I did it in a funny way, but message seems to have been received. So, he was cute and fun...we got high...we came...and then he went home. Delightful!
Saturday I saw him out in town and he was with the gf totally watching me in my car...and then he drove on and did not let me out in the intersection...asshole. I'm guessing he was distracted. I hung with my gays Saturday night and had a wonderful evening. We drank a ton, ate a great meal that Bob made, and watched a really bad but funny movie.
I woke up this morning to Gavin and Chloe bounding into my room at 9am. Chloe actually started waking me up at 6:45am and I kept throwing her out, but I knew when they both came in resistance was futile. Gavin needed me to take him to town to pick up parts for his truck, so we did that and then went out to lunch. We were going out on his jet ski today, but by the time he finished putting his brakes on it was too late in the day to start that process. He offered to make Chloe and I dinner and so I went to the store and Chloe actually chose to go hang out with him while I went...I was floored. She likes him, but she's not enamored with him by any stretch. We had a really nice dinner and hung out for a while and then he went home. He was having stomach issues and finally decided to spare me of this ailment. He did NOT complain or bitch or even bring up the gf again all day except once briefly and he wasn't being a whiny bitch about it...ya'll I think I've gotten through.
So, here's the sacrilege part. Lustolicious put this on her blog the other day...I'm a total atheist and I rolled in delight over this site. I must, must, must own one of these toys. If you're religious, it will offend you...so skip it. Check it out if you're not over the top though and have a good sense of humor and yes, I know I'm going to hell. Baby Jesus is my favorite.


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