Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

Well the holidays make us all a little crazy...some of us more so than others. I got up this morning and was in a horrible mood. Gavin could not understand this after the sex we'd had last night, but I was just in a funk. Truth be told I was a little pissy about the prospects of him moving in with the gf. Although I think I misheard that conversation because he was at my house this afternoon looking at 1 bedroom apartments on CL and he would need 2 bedrooms if he moved in with her due to her kid. I still refused to ask.

He originally came over this afternoon to see if I wanted to take Chloe and her friend to a resort in town that has an awesome pool and hot tub. It seems that the wild sex last night threw out his back. I agreed and he went home to do a few things and came back ready to go. We headed over there and had a wonderful afternoon. I had a gallon of wine though and made the mistake of calling my Dad back on the way home.
It seems that Daddy had also been in the alcohol and we had this ridiculous fight for like 30 minutes on the way home. It was crazy stupid stuff, BUT it seems he was tasked with finding out about Gavin from my Mama. He said "So, who was that fella in your kitchen? I thought he was quite handsome, but your mama wants to know who he is in your life." I told him he was just a friend and that yes, I thought he was "quite handsome" as well. Of course, Gavin is sitting in the car the whole time I'm having this conversation. Then Daddy starts on his protective father speech and I just held the phone up to Gavin's ear at this point and told him this part of the convo was for him. He laughed, though being from NJ I'm sure he didn't understand any of the conversation. He did say afterwards that "I think your Dad mentioned guns if I hurt you". Yeah boy, DO NOT mess with a Southern girl. If her Daddy doesn't get you, her brother will.

Anyway, I'm cracking up over the whole thing...my Mama surprised me by making my Dad find out about him. Then I got upset over the whole fight with my Dad. We got home and Gavin bolted...said he'd be back in an hour. I went in and cried to Russell about my Dad. I appreciate that he gets it and that he's there for me to listen when I need it. I do NOT cry often, but when I need to do so it's nice to have his shoulder. We decorated our tree tonight after we got home and I finished being a crybaby. I've had a totally emotional day, so this was just par for the course. Gavin did not come back, but his dog did. She strolled into the house while we were putting up the tree and then came up on the couch with me to sit for pets before crashing out. I called him and told him his dog was here and he said he'd get her tomorrow if that was ok since he too is headed to bed now. It's been a mostly fun, but exhausting day.

**Upon re-reading this and texting with Miranda today, I have realized he's exhibiting some major BF tendencies lately and obviously I'm allowing it to happen...wth? Am I being lazy and complacent or do I really like him?? I would like to point out that the gf is still in the picture and I'm totally ok with that (as long she maintains her own living space). ;)

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