Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TMI Tuesday - Venus vs. Mars

If you could be born again would choose to be a different sex to what you are?
No way. I love being a girl. When I was little I always wished I was a boy because I was a huge tomboy and wanted to do all the things boys could. But now that I'm older and women have more opportunities (when I was growing up there weren't even girls sports teams...for Lord's sake that was only 25 years ago) I wouldn't trade being a girl for the world. Sure they say men have the power but we all know that women run the world - like it or not. We're just not out there shouting about how great and powerful we are, we're working behind the scenes to make sure all you men don't blow the entire planet up. - Gwyn
I wouldn't mind being a boy for a few days but not for my whole life.  Walking around with a penis shaking around would be incredibly distracting.  The only good things I can imagine about being a boy are being able to stand up and pee, being stronger than girls, and not having auto mechanics talk down to you. Though thanks to my Dad I can talk cars with the best of them.  - Miranda 
Hmmmm, I think I agree with Miranda. I'd like to try it for a few days, but never a lifetime. I was just talking to a friend last night about how it's so much easier for women to get laid. I'll stay a female, thank you. - Jules 

What's your favorite thing about the opposite sex?
Besides the obvious physical characteristics that I love (arms, teeth, abs, etc.) I really like the sense of fearlessness that men have. It's like they're not scared of anything. The confidence they have in themselves is so sexy. - Gwyn 
I second Gwyn's fearlessness and confidence comments.  I also love how guys are just comfortable with being themselves.  They don't seem to have all the inner dialogue girls deal with day in and day out.   - Miranda
Well, physically you guys know what my answer will be (hence my ode to Owen)...but I do like the bad ass, fearless, uber confident nature. Sadly, they don't all possess that. - Jules 

What's the worst thing about being your gender?
That special week out of every month. - Gwyn
Dealing with other girls - Gwyn, Jules, and Josie excluded of course - Miranda 
I second both of those...women are catty bitches and I hate bleeding. I made it so it is only every 3 months, but still it sucks. I do look at it as "hey, you're not pregnant....hot damn!" though and it helps to get through it. - Jules 

Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? If so, who?
No. Although I can take credit for Miranda's most recent same sex experience lol. -Gwyn
Thanks to Gwyn's friend and an awful lot of alcohol, yes I have.  It was very unexpected and very weird. Though from the reaction it got from the straight guys around us, I can totally see why girls kiss just to make boys crazy. - Miranda 
No, though Owen's fantasy of seeing me with another woman is alive and strong. He's the only man I've even entertained the idea for though...I shut Clark down quickly on that when he asked. We'll see if that answer stays a "No". - Jules

If you could inhabit the body of someone of the opposite sex for 24 hours who would you choose?
Jesco White. -Gwyn
So many choices!  I'll go with a vengeful choice. FJB - Then I'd call all the girls he's tortured in the last few years and apologize and spend the rest of the time alternately smacking myself and kicking my own ass. - Miranda 
Very tough call...someone super hot because the only reason I'd want to be a guy is to see what sex is like for them. I'll go with Brad or George, no definitely Brad Pitt b/c I have a girl crush on Angelina and then it would be like 2 for 1 day. - Jules

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