Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alcohol is a hell of a drug!

My name is Gwyn and I have made a very bad decision. On Saturday night I found myself in my bed at 3am having sex with The Inmate. When I say 'found myself' I mean that I saw him at the club...proceeded to drink heavily...listened to him flirt and game me all night long...left the club with him to go get my car...drove home intoxicated and had him follow me there. No, I'm not proud. But, yes the sex was really good - and I have to give it to the guy he's hands down the best kisser I've ever been with.

It was completely and totally random. I went to the club with three of my guy friends with no intention of behaving like a slut. I left my phone at the house (first time I've EVER done that) and was supposed to call Romeo when I got back to my phone because he was going to be partying in my city that night too. In my head, I figured I would go get drunk at the club then get Romeo to pick me up from my friend's house and we would go back to my house and get freaky. Yeah, that's not so much how it worked out for ole' Gwynnie.

Instead, I saw The Inmate at the club and decided to go say hello. We chatted a little bit and eventually he ended up in the cabana with me and my boys. That's when it went downhill fast. He started flirting with me majorly and this boy has some game. There's also something about him that I find very sexy, even though I don't want to! So a few drinks later we're making out in the bathroom and discussing the possibilities of going home together. I tried to fend him off but my hormones got the best of me..his amazing kissing had a lot to do with it.

Once we made it back to my house he pretty much got right to it, which I'm a big fan of. I mean it was 3am I wasn't going to act like a nun and pretend I brought him to my room just to talk about life. We both knew what we were there for and I must say it was lots of fun and very enjoyable. Better than I remembered it being in the past.

He left and I texted Romeo, feeling slightly guilty at my indiscretion - not feeling guilty for doing that to Romeo just feeling like I'm too good to be having one night stands with recently released felons lol. Romeo was in bed at that point and didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that I didn't get home until almost 4am (well technically I got home at 3am but with all that sex I didn't call him until about 4 so in his mind that's when I got home). He will never find out (omg this is reminding me of Miranda's post) about it and since he's not my boyfriend I don't feel bad about what I did.

The Inmate came over yesterday evening very briefly to smoke some of that K2/Spice stuff with me and my bff. He only stayed about an hour and it was slightly awkward. I could tell he wanted to be all physical with me and I shut that down totally. When he left, I walked him outside and he tried to grab me and pull me all close to him. I laughed out loud, pushed him away and told him we weren't at that place lol. He looked all dejected and left, asked me to text him today. I told him he needs to stop acting like he can just get it whenever he wants it and that I plan to show him that's not going to happen. I told him he got lucky on Saturday because I was drunk and that he shouldn't expect that again any time soon. I wish it was always this easy to turn guys down!

So far today he's texted me 3 times from his job. What have I gotten myself into...again?



  1. I am impressed by your ability to turn him down in person. If a guy I thought was hot was right in front of me, I'd be on it whether it was the right thing for me to do or not especially if I were smoking too. Good for you!

  2. When Gwyn texted me and fessed up to her indescreption Sunday morning I laughed and laughed and laughed. Before she went out I told her to party like Miranda and she sure as hell did!