Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sabbatical Smattatical

Hello I'm Jules...I'm a sex and wine addict. Before tonight it had been 1 1/2 weeks since I'd had sex and approximately 12 hours since I'd had wine.
Lately I've been a little concerned about my addictions and working to regain control over them. Clearly I am addicted to the aforementioned items, but a girl has needs. In the grander scheme of things, it could be far worse. It's not like I'm snorting and gambling all of my money away...sex and wine are fairly "normal" addictions. Anyway, the first thing you will notice about addicts is their ability to justify their addictions. So I have been a little worried lately that I've been drinking wayyyy too much and I've been having sex with the wrong people (ie Clark). I'm officially over Clark, but Gavin has been irking me a little recently and so I've been re-evaluating things.  I had the most helpful conversation with Josie tonight via text that totally justified my FWB relationship with Gavin. I was almost ready to give him the boot when she brought it all back around for me. He's great for me right now sexually...that's it...but it's what I need.
With my wine addiction, I've been trying to go every other day without it...but PMS is upon us and I had a hellish drive home tonight...total traffic jam at 8pm on the highway. It took me forever to get here. When I got home, it was clear I needed a glass of wine. I sat down at my laptop and logged onto my email with a message from this HOT, young boy I'd chatted with like a while back. He moved to Australia (for real) for a year or so and now it seems he's back. We never hooked up before due to timing and such. At the time, he lived with his parents because he was 21 (yep, seriously) and it just never worked and then he moved. I'm kind of intrigued because he's just a yummy looking treat. So, I emailed him back and we shall see where it goes this time.
Cue Gavin...I've mentioned his impeccible timing. I needed to fuck. Around 10pm he called and asked what I was doing...then, he invited himself over. I told him Russell was home and I wasn't sure if he was sleeping but said if we were super quiet, we might get away with it. He walked up, walked in, and we went straight to my room. I tore my clothes off, got on my knees and got him hard, turned around, and rode him until I came a bunch (he owed me). Then, I climbed off him, told him to get up, got onto my desk chair on all fours, and told him to fuck me some more. He complied until I came a ton more and he finally exploded all over my ass. It was super hot, super quiet, intense sex.  It was totally what I needed. We didn't talk much. He didn't complain about anyone. It was like old times...good, old times. He's back in my good graces. ;)


  1. Super Quiet, Super Intense, and just what you needed. Sounds like a pretty good addiction to me.

  2. That is an addiction that does not need justifying....remember the saying "Just Do It"??


  3. It's a VERY satisfying addiction, that's for sure!