Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy for Love - TMI Tuesday

Do you keep up with when you see a guy for sex or dating?
Yes, I do for several reasons. I keep up with it via the blog, but I also mark the day with their initial in my day timer. The first reason is so I can remember who I saw and when. because I have a horrible memory. The second reason is just in case anything ever happens, I have a trail. I understand that sometimes my lifestyle is risky. If I were to get something or should the pill fail, I need to know who to call. - Jules
I do via the blog. When I had the whole STD debacle in the summer it proved quite helpful in tracking down who needed to be notified and who was in the clear.  When I'm power dating, I do keep a schedule with who, when, where, and what. HA! - Miranda
For sex, no. For dating, sometimes. Depending on the guy and the situation, I sometimes mark on my Outlook Calendar when the last time we hung out was. Mainly, I do this because it prevents me from being a nagging girlfriend/pseudo-girlfriend. This way, I can see clearly that we hung out 14 days in the past month and although I may feel like I never see the guy I'm dating, when it's right in front of my face it makes it easier to control my "why don't we ever hang out?" comments. -Gwyn

If you could be with one guy from your past or present, who would you pick?
Well, I hate to disappoint those of you on "Team Gavin", but it isn't anyone on the present team. I was with this guy in college that I really think I was in love with. It was a totally doomed relationship because I'm white and he was black and my daddy is a racist and held a gun to his head, but I honestly think had we met at a different time under different circumstances he might have had a lot of potential. - Jules
Hmmm, that's hard. There are ones I'd want to be with for different reasons. There are definitely some sexual conquests I'd like to relive but if you're talking "be with" in a relationship sense I guess maybe Flyboy.  He was just the total package! Or if you could take the crazy out of crazy IT! - Miranda
I think Romeo would make a pretty decent boyfriend if I was completely sure I could trust him. From the past, the only person I ever think about being in a relationship with again is The Ex. - Gwyn
If you could go inside the mind of one of your current men, who would you pick and what would you want to know?
That's a tough question, but honestly I think Owen. In retrospect, I shut him down from any "personal" chat earlier this year because I was having a hard time justifying continuing to see him due to the change my marital status. I'd like to know what he thinks about when he's with me. (And yes, I know that's kind of messed up...) Gavin is an open book...I really don't have to wonder about his thoughts. Aside from Owen, it would definitely be Clark. Clark is a really fucked up guy and while he is definitely NOT part of the current team, I'd kind of like to know wtf goes on in his head from a purely curious, professional standpoint. - Jules\
Much to my chargrin, I'd probably like to be inside the head of either FJB or Sawyer.  I'd like to know what in the hell FJB thinks about everything and if Sawyer really does ever think of leaving his wife and what he really thinks he feels for me. - Miranda
Honestly, even the thought of this gives me complete and total anxiety. I know I may say sometimes that I wish I knew what my guy(s) is thinking but if I really had the ability I'd be too terrified to use it. I don't want to know what guys really truly think because I think it may turn me gay. -Gwyn

What is the craziest thing you have ever done for a guy you liked?
I actually don't do overly crazy things for people. I am a rescuer though and I did bail Gavin out of jail.  I hid a guy in my closet one time when my Daddy came over to show the rental house I was living in...mostly stuff like that. I'm not an overt gesture kind of girl. I keep my feelings for men pretty closely guarded. I would be lying if I didn't say in my younger days,  I hadn't done some stalking. I remember driving by places to see if a guy was working or at home, but definitely not boiling bunnies kind of crazy stuff.  - Jules
Well in college I cleaned by boyfriend's apartment as a christmas present only to have him dump me a few days later.  Or when I jumped in the car in the middle of the night to go see Flyboy.  Or how about any freaking time I slept with Sawyer in my own bed in my own house.  Yall know I'm a cyberstalker (though I prefer the term Cyber Detective) and like Jules, back in the day I wasn't above doing a drive by. - Miranda
In my more insecure days I did plenty of 'crazy' things for guys I liked - my favorite crazy moment came when I got fed up with taking care of a pit bull that belonged to a guy I had dated in the past and was still friends with. The dog was supposed to be at my house for 2 days...she was there for 2 weeks and was in HEAT no less! I was furious when he kept putting off coming to pick her up and one day I got fed up. I took the dog to his house (aka his mom's house) and knocked on the door. I told his mom what was going on and that I was going to put the dog in her son's room because I was tired of taking care of her for nothing. So that's exactly what I did and I shut the door (his mom was ok with this because she knew her son could be a real piece of work..). A few days later I got a very angry phone call from my ex informing me that the pit tore up his entire room, pissed and shit everywhere and ruined his bed. Hahahaha I still laugh thinking about it. Would you expect anything less from Gwyn? - Gwyn
What is the craziest thing a guy has ever done for you?
Hmmm...I don't tend to hang out with guys that are big on gestures either. I guess I'll have to give this one to Gavin though. He has just morphed himself into my crazy family situation. We are so not in love with each other, but we definitely like one another. He's accepted my whole deal....the gay ex husband, the gay ex husband's not out yet bf that lives with us on the weekends, my other men, my kid. I'm not sure a guy (other than Russell) has ever been quite so accepting actually.  - Jules
Hmmm, good question. Most of my guys aren't big on the gestures though they do things in their own special way.  Lawyer Boy gave me a bunch of recreational items for my birthday, FJB bought and installed a wireless router for me (which enables me to steal my free internet much better), but I have to probably give this one to Sawyer for helping me move out of the house and into my apartment.  That was pretty ballsy and crazy. - Miranda
Hahaha this is a good question for Gwyn-the-crazy-magnet. When I was about 21, an ex of mine (like from a couple of years before!) called me randomly at 7am in the morning...began strumming his guitar like he was about to play/sing me a song...when I interrupted and asked what the hell he wanted he said "Will you marry me?"...I said "Um, what? No I won't marry you. I broke up with you two years ago for God's sake"...his response, "Fine then. I guess I'm not going to sing you the song I wrote for you"...I hung up.

**Total side note, I remember "breaking into" this guy's apartment that my bff was seeing when I was like 21 or 22. She convinced me to go with her because she thought he was cheating on her. While we were there, someone (it may well have been him) came into the apartment and we hid on the bathtub until they left. I was terrified. Now, she's done some crazy shit for men she's liked. - Jules

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