Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Cheer & Meeting the Parents

Ok, I have to admit I like having Gavin around...especially since he now has his own space to go too. I have really enjoyed the last few days with my pt bf. Wednesday night, he came over about 10pm high as a kite. Russell and Bob were on the porch and I was frantically baking pies, stuffing, and such for Thanksgiving. He kept begging me to stop and come play with him, but I was super busy in the kitchen and it was fun to tease him. Every so often, I would walk into my room and blow him for literally a minute or two and then leave. It was driving him nuts. Finally, the last pies came out of the oven. Russell passed out and Bob was sort of wandering around the house. Bob finally went into Russell's room and I raced into my room, got high with Gavin, and proceeded to have OMFG amazing sex with him. It was the kind where I just came continuously and felt uber content afterward. He left to go to his place for the night about 1am and I fell into my bed.

Thanksgiving was fun here in HI. I got up and finished prepping dinner and then I went to a friend's house for a huge lunch. I came home after that and finished our dinner. Gavin showed up about dinner time and ate with us. It was my first time cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal ever. I was usually in charge of baking (because I'm an excellent baker) or bringing the bread or the can of cranberry sauce...so for me to cook an actual entire T-day meal was HUGE. The menfolk scarfed it up, so I'm guessing it was pretty good (and it was even if I do say so myself). Russelll and Bob headed off to work and I took Chloe, Gavin, and some of Chloe's friends to the movies. We had a really fun time. Gavin came back to the house after the movie and just hung out. I gave him some special man loving since he'd endured a fairy tale movie with 3 kids and then we sat on the couch and watched a movie. He slept in "his room" here last night and woke me up this morning to tell me he was going home to shower and would be right back to help me do some stuff around the house today. I found out last night that he talked to Russell about moving back in at the end of the month, but then he actually moved some more of his stuff today so who knows what's up with that. Russell said it was fine with him though.

So, he actually showed back up this morning about an hour later and totally rearranged Chloe's room for me. He is the freaking heat; totally THE MAN here today. Her room looks amazing. He helped us organize and move it all around and then he hauled off all the trash and Goodwill donations for me. This morning before we started with her room, I was making us breakfast in the kitchen. My parents called and wanted to webcam with us. I haven't "seen" my Dad in a long time because he's the only one without a webcam and so of course I wanted to do it. As we're in the kitchen cooking and talking to them, Gavin walked in to "meet" them. I guess the curiosity was killing him from the other room. I'm wandering how long until my mama calls me for details. I just glossed right over it like it was no big deal and like there's normally a shirtless, hot guy in my kitchen while I'm cooking breakfast, but I bet she brings it up. I've told Gavin that he is a lot like my Dad (in habits, not looks), so I think he was curious to see him.

Tonight, I fed that man a steak dinner for his efforts. He left after dinner to go home and deal with some gf drama. I am blissfully almost unaware of what drama it is. ;) Apparently the short version is that her kid refused to go to Thanksgiving dinner at Gavin's kid's Mom's house (did ya'll follow that line of mess?) and so in the end Gavin hurled a glass baking dish out of his truck with a bottle of wine and broke it everywhere in front of them. I did explain that type of behavior was completely unacceptable and that if he EVER in life pulled that shit with me, it would be ON. It's interesting how volatile their relationship is and how NOT ours is. He has never, ever attempted any shit like that with me. I think it's because he knows I would react in a way completely opposite from her. She's called him like 6 times today trying to get him to talk about it. Co-dependent much?? I would have been done with him after that kind of outburst.

So, there's my holiday update. I'm decorating the house tomorrow and I've got money he's going to show up to help. He loves doing the family thing here, it's cute. I like when he's a little needy like this, but you guys have no idea what an amazing help he was today. He totally rocked it with me today helping out like he did!

PS Good thing Gavin did go home...Texas and I just had some super hot video sexting. I miss that boy. He's good fun.
PPS It seems there is something in the air tonight! Owen has been emailing me tonight to confirm Tuesday's lunch  and Gavin showed back up around 11:30pm for sex. He earned it today, so I was happy to give him some late night fun. I think he hit the road to walk down the second the gf left his house. On an interesting note, she called while he was here and as usual I encourage the answering of these calls to make them stop. I refused to ask questions because that would have opened the flood gates, but I swear it sounded like they were discussing living arrangements. Are they really that stupid? Yes, yes they are...so maybe I'm wrong but we'll see.

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