Friday, November 26, 2010

You Better Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Well I’m pretty sure that SoCo has found out about my naughty Friday night.  At the beginning of the week things seemed fine but he’s become increasingly distant.  The week started off normal enough contact wise but then by Wednesday he pretty much wasn’t initiating any texting at all. 

Wednesday night he told me he was going out and thanks to Facebook which revels all, I saw that he was going to a bar event at the bar where the Friend and all our joint friends spend most of their time. So even if he didn’t know before Wednesday, I’m sure something was said at some level that night.  I don’t think the Friend would have been the one to say it.  But I bet one of the other people alluded or straight out told SoCo the Friend took me home last Friday.  And even if that’s all that was said, me and SoCo used that exact same line when we first started hooking up and our joint friends were asking questions.  He may not have a college degree but he’s not entirely oblivious.

And he's grown enough to admit that we didn't have any kind of commitment between us so there's not much he can say to me. If he'd wanted to "date" me he should have manned up and said something.  Plus I think he knows that we run in the same crowd so we're going to have to continue to be "friends" regardless of what lies between us.  Alas, per my usual luck, he’s not man enough to address whatever the issue is for the distance so I’m pulling back as well. It’s funny, Thursday I caught myself getting mad and annoyed and even thinking my feelings were mildly hurt. But then I gave myself a mental check and reminded myself that I didn’t have those feelings for SoCo in the first place.  HA!

My inclination is to address it with him and ask him what exactly is wrong. But I know it doesn’t really matter plus Jules and Gwyn say I can’t. I’m not sure which one of them is an angle and which one is a devil on my shoulder.  They might just both be devils!

So I’m just letting it all go.  I’m a little remiss that my regular booty seems to be disappearing, because he was really good in bed.  And when Miranda’s not getting any play, it’s a lot hard for me to behave and keep it in check boy wise.  Gwyn better start sharpening up her chaperoning skills!

Random other tidbits for you.  Twin sent me the funniest message the other day – “You drive me wild Firefly.”  Just an out of the blue, random message. And yes he used to call me Firefly. LOL! I asked him once why he’d pegged me with that name but he had no explanation. 

I also had several random texts on Thanksgiving Day from guys that I talked to months and months ago.  I’m the kind of girl who once I’m done with you; I delete you out of my phone.  So every time one came in yesterday from an unknown number I had to quiz them on who they were.  One of them got kind of pissy about that. HA! 

Duckie and the kids were supposed to go to the girlfriend’s family Thanksgiving feast but for some reason at the last minute he decided it was “too many new people for the kids to meet.” I think it was either that he got nervous about meeting all her family or someone (his mom probably) convinced him it was too early for that kind of family interaction.  I did my best to encourage him to stick to his plans but he opted not to go. He actually spent the day with his family and then came and joined in my family’s Thanksgiving Day celebration.  I think it made my family really happy to have him and the kids there and to see that things really are as “good” as I’ve said they are between us. It was a little weird and awkward at first but then I realized we were pretty much acting exactly the same as we did when we were married, which says an awful lot about the state our marriage was in.  Plus last Thanksgiving we were in major conflict because we’d just started the breaking up process and we had a huge fight Thanksgiving Day.  But, I’m still glad he came and I’m glad I got to see the kids! 


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  1. I bet SoCo will be back...he just needs to pout some. Men are emotional gimps, he's licking his wounds.
    I laughed out loud over the phone thing. I do the same thing - over and delete. So, if you text me later on I always have to ask. Most men get over it, but some do get offended...as if we should just keep them in our contact list forever?? Um, no.
    I'm glad you got to see the kiddos...that's great!