Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sabbatical Schamattical

So despite the gloomy weather today, the Miranda gloom has lifted. Thanks for bearing with maudlin Miranda this last week or so. I’m very pleased to report that the actual day of November 2 wasn’t really too bad. There were some sad moments but the week leading up to it was far worse. That night, the family came together for a fun dinner at my dad’s favorite restaurant and we laughed a ton and really celebrated his life. It was a good closing to the end of the first year without him.

In boy news, I’ve been on my self-imposed sabbatical for two weeks now and it’s provided some much-needed respite for self-reflection and mind clearing. Other than my FWB relationship with SoCo, which is on dangerously thin ice, and a few deviations on bad behavior Halloween night, I’ve been really boy free.

Sure, there’s been some texting but not any that I’ve initiated, other than that Halloween night picture. Twin has been trying to engage me in texting and I do answer some of his but he knows he’s on the outs big time. Hot Chocolate randomly texts me and says he wants to “chill with me.” Alas, he knows the rules and while he’s fun to flirt with and he has that banging body, this girl is just not interested. College Crush texts from time to time but he knows he blew it big time with the whole sprained ankle incident. Other than that, there’s not been much boy action outside of SoCo.

SoCo is meeting most of my boy needs at the moment and while I do think we’re treading mighty closely on the FWB line and something more, I’m very content to keep it where it’s at. He’s said a few things that made me think he “liked” me and I think we are actually building a real friendship which is kind of interesting. I’m trying to stick to Gwyn’s rules on FWB relationship but damn that girl is hard! We will see how it goes over the next few weeks.

I did decide to reactivate my Plenty of Fish profile today but that’s solely because I still believe that somewhere out there, there’s the wee potential of finding a great guy. However, I am not going to engage in silly emailing and texting with boys who clearly are not that “great guy.” I am also not going to initiate any communication or do any searching or anything. If he’s out there, he has to fine me. HA!

Many of my weekends as of late have been devoted to going out/hanging out with the girls which has been incredibly awesome and fun. I am blessed with the most awesome girlfriends around. This weekend I’m not sure what all is on tap. Friday night there’s a surprise party for one of my guy friends that I’ll most likely go to but not sure about the rest of the weekend.

Given his pattern of communication, I should be hearing from FJB any day now – though I really feel like I’m firmly in control of my feelings with him. I won’t lie, I still am very attracted to him, and I find him quite intriguing, but I so know he’s not the aforementioned “great guy.”

After these last couple of weeks of boy freedom, Miranda’s about ready to get her sea legs back. Watch out boys!


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