Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've Got a Sexual Hangover

Last night I was both very smart and very stupid.  Let’s catch up a bit.  Earlier in the week SoCo up and disappeared on me for a couple days. I sent a couple courtesy texts figuring he was busy or whatever and still no reply.  Finally, to Gwyn’s dismay, I sent a text late on Tuesday asking what was wrong.  Turns out he thought a flippant comment of mine meant I was irritated with him and instead of manning up and asking, he retreated into his gimpy turtle shell and hid out. 

Anyway, we straightened it out and everything was back on course. I spent Wednesday night with him and had yet another fun night.  He’s dialed back some of the comments he was making which is good.  This weekend, SoCo is off fishing in the mountains with a friend which leads me to last night.

I went out with some of my girls to our usually bar and we were having so much fun.  About 10:45 my phone rings, it’s freaking Sawyer.   His wife is out of town this weekend and he has been hoping that I’d give in and let him spend the night with me.  Anyways we talk for a minute and he says he needs to spend some time with me.  I was so shocked to be talking to him that I said I’d call him when I got home from the bar.

About the same time this is going on, who should I run into?  The random friend of SoCo’s that I hooked up with a couple months ago.  I’m just going to start calling him the Friend to make things easier.  So I see him and he gives me a huge hug out of the blue and says “you wouldn’t give me your number.”  Ha!  So I told him to put his number in my phone and he did and then he promptly called his own phone so he’d have my number.  Damn technology! HA!

So after talking with the Friend for a bit I went back and found my girls.  Next thing I know SoCo is texting me and trying his damndest to get me to come up to the mountains, like right then and there.  I’ll admit I toyed with the idea but I was clearly inebriated past the point of driving up in the mountains for an hour in the middle of the night.

Eventually the group of girls I was out with merged with the Friend’s group and we were having a blast.  My group of girls was getting ready to leave and the Friend asked me to stay with him and his friends.  I faltered a bit knowing if I stayed I’d end up in bed with him quite honestly.  I was debating the merits of my relationship with SoCo and how this would affect things.  My hormones got the better of me and I stayed with the Friend and he ended up taking me to get my car and coming home with me.

He’s actually really cute and a nice guy.  Probably a more realistic match for me than SoCo.  From my research, he is very much not the casual sex kind of guy so I’m not quite sure what’s going on here.  We had awesome sex. I do know that though!  When he left this morning he asked if I was going out tonight and said I should come out with him tonight.  I was still half asleep so I think I mumbled something like I didn’t know what I’d be up to tonight.  He said “well you have my number now so call me. And I’ve got your number too and I’m going to use it.”  LOL!

So now I’m being incredibly lazy and indulging in my massive sexual hangover.  Why does this kind of crazy mash up keep happening to me?  My sabbatical definitely cleared my head of crazy emotions but it seems the crazy is going to keep following me.  I may have to reinstate my sabbatical.  Sheesh!



  1. Oh those hormones just get the best of us sometimes.


  2. What I want to know is has Sawyer contacted you since last night to find out why you didn't call? ;)

  3. Not a word from Sawyer and frankly I'm not surprised. I bet he calls before the end of the weekend though.