Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is There A Sign On My Door?

Does it read, Jules XXX - Therapist?? No, no it doesn't and would you like to know why? I don't care! I am a great social worker because I can case manage things and go on. I can problem solve quickly and take care of business. I am great with resources and outsourcing therapeutic interventions. I do not like to provide those interventions, especially in my personal life.

Gavin seems to be catching onto this...slowly. He came over tonight and plopped onto my porch with a beer to tell me he and the gf had broken up again today. I rolled my eyes and he said "You really don't want to hear about this, do you?". I promptly replied. "No, no I don't". He proceeded somewhat until I stopped him by literally interrupting him. He told me that the gf found out he was chatting with some old gf from CA (who lives in CA mind you) and she was pissed. He shook his head and said "I'm not looking for anyone else. The only person I've cheated on her with this time is you". LMFAO, really? I told him I just don't get their deal and I'm tired of hearing it...seriously.

He hung out for a little while laughing and joking with Russell and I and then I drove him the 4 houses up because he was "tired". He asked if he could come over later to hang out and I said ok. He drove back (yep, really) a few hours later and we had some fun in my room while Russell was sleeping. It was a cum and go since he'd left his kid at home, but those are some of my favorites. (The kid is 13, just FYI.) I know I told Russell we wouldn't do sexual things in the house when he's home, but I love the element of naughty it gives. I'm sure we'll get busted at some point. Hell, he probably already knows and just doesn't care enough to make it an issue. Anyway, my boy needed some sexual healing and this I can give. I am great at sexual therapy, not talk therapy.


PS I've been getting some hot emails from Owen lately. His schedule has sucked the past few weeks (months really), but lunch may be on the table for next week. I'm crossing my fingers.

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  1. "Cum and go" lol! Love it!