Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jules May Have to Register

I feel a little like a sex offender today. Ok let me back up slightly, you MUST be old enough to buy booze to hop on this ride....so he's 21 at least...21 and 11 months to be precise. I felt so naughty when I left though. Here's how it went down. I referenced this kid last week. He and I chatted last year sometime and we could never work out a time to hook up. He moved and now he's back for like a month before he moves to Colorado. Apparently he has the whole cougar fantasy thing going, which with  my being 13 years older I was able to fulfill for him today.

I chatted back and forth with him all weekend and he was pressuring me hardcore to come see him one day during lunch or right after work. I work really close to where he lives (with his parents). Because of the holidays, I got off early today and decided to swing by his place for a quickie on the way home. I met him out in his driveway and he took my hand (isn't that cute?), told me I was much more beautiful in person,  and lead me around to the back gate. He "snuck" me into his parent's guest house and immediately started kissing me. Then, he instructed me to go upstairs. He followed me and grabbing my ass the whole way up. In the bedroom. I tore off my dress and hopped onto the bed. He got on top of me and started kissing me more and then worked his way down.

During our texting/emailing today, he asked if I'd brought a condom. I replied with my usual response that I take care of my stuff with the pill and the guy needs to take care of that. Men like different brands, sizes, etc...handle your own. He replied he didn't want to have to go buy a whole box. I told him that was his call, but I wasn't coming over if he didn't have any. He apparently "borrowed" one from his brother. Bless his heart, he didn't know that one condom with me is just the warm up.

Admittedly, I'd worked this boy up pretty hard core over the past few days but the sex didn't last too long. We fucked for a little while and then he moved around to my ass and he pretty much came upon entry. It was kind of cute, but reminded me that I like the older guys with better stamina for this very reason. I totally could have kept going, but he was nervous about his parents coming home in addition to the whole one condom thing. Seriously, I can't believe I just typed that sentence...lol. He texted me after I left and apologized for "ending" things so quickly.

Now I'm curious about his Dad...apparently he's pretty wealthy and his son is smoking hot...just saying. ;)


  1. Is there a fathers and sons outing in the future? And I hope you give the boy another chance, being a bit to quick on the first time is understandable.

  2. No Daddy-Son action! Ewwww! I can't believe you hooked up with a baby!


  3. Well I wouldn't do them at the same time, jesus people give me a little credit. ;) And yes, I'm totally willing to give him another chance. He's a very cute "baby".